First row (left to right): Amy Parilla, Visitacion Arirao, Dr. Ester Pada, Maria Young, Surrogate Michael Dressler and Deputy Consul General Kerwin Orville Tate. Second row (left to right): Marites Welch, Daisy Enriquez, Ricky Enriquez, Christopher de la Victoria, Ed Pinos, Undersheriff Smith, Assemblywoman Lisa Swain, Assemblyman Chris Tully, County Clerk John Hogan, Chairwoman Germaine Ortiz and Bergen County Executive James Tedesco III.


George Mason University students perform Tinikling — a traditional Philippine folk dance — in front of a full house crowd at the Philippine Embassy Open House held on May 4, 2019.


Some of the featured artists during the opening reception of their exhibit at the Philippine Center. Standing, l.-r.: James Bascara, Kristianne Molina, Consul Arman R. Talbo, Jeanne F. Jalandoni, Roberto Jamora and Paloma Martinez-Miranda. Kneeling, l.-r.: Jessica Jacolbe, Andie Millares and Karl Orozco.  (Photo by Dogeater Collective)


Santacruzan is a religious commemoration of the finding of the True Cross by the Emperatriz (thus, Reyna Elena) mother of the Roman Emperor Constantine who, in the Edict of Milan in 313, legalized Christianity.

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