We were born in Orions, after all

When the first elements, swirling, boiling, coalesced

Moons, planets, even suns can break, after all

Losing brightness, transferring mass and energy to other accretions

Those meteors were bearers of life, after all

Splashing into primordial waters, long before they killed dinosaurs

We surrendered to the chemistry of the sea, after all

Forming membranes and nuclei that guaranteed change and replication

We moved, so slowly, to the land, after all

Adjusting fins, gills, feet and the whims of gases

Each second, trillions of neutral sub-atomic particles pass through
our bodies, after all

Changing us, connecting us to the vastness of the yet to be seen

We sway with every divergence and convergence, after all

Echoed in the widening visual and aural spectra of time and distance

We do not yet know, the implantation of soul, after all

The when, the where, the how, the why, the who

We stagger, longing, imagining consolation

In this perfect imperfection,

This imperfect perfection, after all.

— All Souls Day 2010, Philippines

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