TOP PHOTO: 2nd row (l.-r.): Olga Czarkowski, Elizabeth Espinar, Lorraine Camacho, Leilanee Olano, John Sohn and Carolyn Joyce Pena. 1st row (l.-r.): Brian Tajo, Romainne Luis, Stevenson Van Derodar, Margaret Quimosing, Carlos Cabrera and Alex Drogeanu. BOTTOM PHOTO: 2nd row (l.-r.): IPP Zultan Bermudez, USJC Amb/PP Bel Molina, NYSJC Gov/PP Almor Dayoan, JCI Sen/PP CriCri Ramos, NYSJC Gov/PP Krizteen Concepcion, Olga Czarkowski, Elizabeth Espinar, Lorraine Camacho, Leilanee Olano, JCI Sen/PP Gary Abasolo, John Sohn, NYSJC Gov/PP Brandon Schumacher, JCI Sen/PP Vivian Velasco, Carolyn Joyce Pena and JCI Sen/PP Sergs Estrada. 1st row (l.-r.): JCI Sen/PP Jocelyn Bernal-Ochoa, Brian Tajo, Romainne Luis, Stevenson Van Derodar, Margaret Quimosing, Carlos Cabrera and Alex Drogeanu.  (Photos by Romainne Luis)

JCI Philippine-New York, a local organization member (LOM) of the Junior Chamber International (JCI), recently held its annual elections of officers at the Philippine Center on Fifth Avenue in New York.

JCI is a membership-based non-profit organization of nearly 200,000 young active citizens ages 18 to 40 with around 5,000 JCI local organizations in more than 100 countries who are engaged and committed to creating impact in their local communities.

JCI Philippine-New York was ranked #1 LOM in the U.S., Canada and Latin America under the leadership of United States Junior Chamber Ambassador (USJC Amb)/Past President (PP) Bel Molina in 2013 as the chapter celebrated its 50th Year.

On Oct. 21, 2015, the General Membership elected Stevenson Van Derodar as its 53rd LOM President after having been an active member for six years.

Derodar previously served positions as Director, Membership Services Vice President and International Affairs Vice President.

Derodar has been a proud recipient of National Awards given by the National Organization such as Wayne McCall Memorial Awards in 2011 and 2013 (Outstanding Contributions in International Affairs) and the Heidi Juttner Most Outstanding Local Vice President in 2012.

Among the other elected members into office were: Executive Vice President: Romainne De Guzman Luis; Vice President for Individual Development: Carlos Cabrera; Vice President for Community Development: Alex Drogeanu; Vice President for International Affairs: New York State Junior Chamber (NYSJC) Gov Reggie Rosales-Torrejon; Vice President for Membership Services: Brian Tajo; Directors: Lorraine Camacho, Elizabeth Espinar, Wendy Kwan and Alelie Jean C. Tolentino; Treasurer: Leilanee Olaño and Auditor: Marjerie Rosales-Taway.

In a very emotional speech, President-Elect Stevenson defined his slogan, “The Heart of Impact,” as “the meaning of our actions. It is our core motivation to make a significant difference and influence powerful change. And in the heart of our intentions are effective leadership, benevolent brotherhood and compassionate service.”

Derodar in his written bio, emphasized his desire to instill idealism and greater impact and enjoin stakeholders to journey with him in “The Heart of Impact.”

Incumbent (52nd) LOM President & JCI New York State VP-Elect Margaret M. Quimosing will serve as the Chairman of the Board in 2016.

Presidential appointments were also made by President-Elect Stevenson, namely: Alumni Affairs Head: Mel Rodriguez; International Outbound Missions Liaison: Olga Maria Czarkowski; Tambuli Editor-in-Chief: Joe Valdez; Chaplain and Communications Advisor: Addie Adams; Chapter State Directors: Carolyn Joyce Agustin Peña and John Sohn.


JCI Senator (Sen)/PP Richie Rillera (27th); JCI Sen/PP Antero Martinez (31st); JCI Sen/PP Jocelyn Bernal-Ochoa (33rd); JCI Sen/PP Vivian RL Velasco (43rd); USJC Amb/PP Bel Molina (50th).


JCI Sen/PP Sergs Estrada (14th & 19th); JCI Sen Penn Baluyut; JCI Sen/PP Richie Rillera (27th); JCI Sen/PP Rene Goicochea (30th); USJC Amb/PP Nicanor Luna (32nd); JCI Sen/PP CriCri Ramos; NYSJC Gov/PP Krizteen Concepcion (39th); NYSJC Gov/PP Christina Corcuera (42nd); JCI Sen/PP Gary Abasolo (44th); PP Victor E. de Leon (45th); PP Elaine Magalona (46th); NYSJC Gov/PP Almor Dayoan (47th); Immediate Past President Zultan Bermudez (51st).


JCI Philippine-New York is a group of young men and women whose mission is to provide development opportunities that empower young people to create positive change in the local and global community and their own lives through training and networking opportunities.

Although “Philippine” is part of our chapter name, we are not solely a group of Filipinos.

Rather, we are an international chapter where everyone is welcome to join.

Founded by Henry Geissenbier in 1915, St. Louis, Missouri.

This year marks the 100th Anniversary of the JCI Movement.