The author, Lestrino C. Baquiran, M.D.

(an exhortation to live up to and beyond golden anniversaries)

We have come this far
Delay, delay our crossing the bar.
We are almost there
Where mirth will be more than we can bear.
Our participation is a must
Our presence will not just, a just.
Cross moonriver, up and down the streams of song
Saving memories will also go a way long.
Abstain, for health from a lot
Why not? Why not.
Do not worry too much
Limit the such and such.
If rumor, gossip or mistake revive
So what, we are alive, alive.
Come anyway with aid and walker
Infirmity is but a wild, indifferent joker
Our shrieks and yell will drown our farts
Reunion tears will numb our aching hearts.
Do not allow the army of time to thieve
It is not yet the season to grieve.
At the pearly and other gates
There is no certitude of dates.
New York City
July 2012

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