Sunday Mass (Mother’s Day; May 14, 2017) at Immaculate Conception Church in Jamaica Estates, N.Y. where Lita Roldan (center) volunteered and given the Vocation Crucifix by Father Ted.

Upon receipt of the Crucifix, she will be responsible to say Novena Prayers (for seven consecutive days Sunday to Saturday) for Increased Vocation to the Priesthood & Religious Life.

Prayers will also include vocations for holy marriages in the Church, for deacons and those who dedicated their lives to religious life to Christ in the single life.

Next Sunday (May 21, 2017), she will return the Vocation Crucifix to Father Ted who in turn will turn the Crucifix to another volunteer parishioner of the Immaculate Conception Church who will continue saying the Novena Prayers for increased Vocation.

In photo with her are Vic Roldan and Dr. Linda Pelayo.