The Dalton day-schoolers enjoy learning the Tinikling dance from Columbia University’s Liga Filipina members during the 2018 Multicultural Festival.  (PCGNY photo)

The Dalton School, a private co-educational college preparatory school in Manhattan’s Upper East Side, celebrated its 2018 Multicultural Festival on Jan. 27, 2018 with the theme “Games Around the World, Together We Play.”

The parents and supporters transformed 15 rooms into display and demonstration areas representing diverse cultures of the Philippines, African-American community, West Africa, the Caribbean, China, Cuba, Iceland, India, Israel, Japan, Kashmir, Mexico, South Korea, Sweden and Turkey.

Philippine Consulate General Cultural Officer Olive Osias-Magpile participated in the activity.

The Consulate likewise provided some resource materials for the Philippine exhibit space.

The Philippine room was filled with posters and maps of Philippine destinations.

A display of indigenous games with play instructions allowed for guests to enjoy sipa, sungka, turumpo, bao and pabitin.

Kids decorated colorful jeepneys and turumpo at a craft workshop table.

A collection of Filipino authored books served as a reading nook for parents and children.

The Liga Filipina, the Filipino Association from Columbia University, introduced the Tinikling to the kids with their performance using traditional and modern music.

Many children volunteered to tap and slide the bamboo, tried to dance to the tempo and added creativity to their steps.

The Multicultural Festival celebrates the cultural diversity of the school through shared experiences and education.

Dr. Devi Enerio-Ellant, along with other Filipino-American parents in the school said the event has become their inspiration to put the Philippines in the school’s program for their children to learn about their roots and appreciate their Filipino culture, heritage and values.


The Philippine room showcases Philippine indigenous games, arts and crafts, story telling and interactive Tinikling folk dance.  (PCGNY photos)




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