TRIBU CEBUANO, the dance group of CEBU INC., garnered not three but four awards during the 2018 PAFCOM parade in Jersey City, N.J.

The three awards were presented during the PAFCOM parade were the 2018 Best in Costume, 2018 Most attended and 2018 Most Symbolic.

PAFCOM president Lito Pernia apologized to the Cebu Group for the mistake that was made based on the misinformation he received during the parade.

Pernia and overall parade chair Gani Puertollano presented the 4th award, the 2018 Best Performance, to TRIBU CEBUANO at their victory party held on July 8, 2018.


T’was was a glorious celebration for CEBU Inc.’s TRIBU CEBUANO led by five great leaders: Shiran Ybanez - Committee Chair for TRIBU CEBUANO; Gay Blanca - immediate Past President; Adel Inez - Charter Member and Secretary of Cebu INC; Helen Kwong-LaBarbera - VP of Cebu Inc., and acting president at that time; and Axel Albao for the choreography and costume design.

As per Helen Kwong-LaBarbera: “We wouldn’t have achieved these awards if not for the great dedication, commitment, time and talent that all the dancers and participants have contributed to the group. We, the leaders THANK them and share these awards to them. VIVA SENYOR STO. NINO! Viva PIT SENYOR!”





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