One of the many mannequin angels, part of the MET Fifth Avenue exhibition, Heavenly Bodies, Fashion and the Catholic Imagination.



For so long, I have wanted to meet you
No longer hopeless for its possibility
I have felt pressure tracing the angel lines of my palms
Vibrations within and without in hot or cold
Heard flapping of wings
Smelled exalting scents
Seen you traipsing among electric clouds
A Presence that re-arranges my molecules.

For so long, I have wanted to thank you
No longer concerned whether you are near or far
You were there when I crashed unhurt
When I bled, when I passed out
When my racing heart shortened my breath
During my surgeries, my infections
Your agility has no limit.

For so long, I have relied on you
Even when I doubted God
I, arrogant, you, certain of my salvation
I, ingrate, you, patient for my redemption
You have been with me before I was born
Stay with me longer
Accompany me just before my ascent or descent

For so long, not yet, so long
You have been beyond imagination
Beyond hierarchy
Almost with autonomy
Always alert, full of vigor
Calm the panics of my late contritions
So long, when, I will be alone
Still protected by your special affection.