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NEW YORK CITY — The University of the Philippines Alumni Association NY Chapter announces its successful signature project, once again, their third book: Memories of UP Alumni and Friends United.

This collection of life stories turned into an art-designed coffee table book is a fundraiser for scholarship in the Philippines.

Brainchild of UP alumna Dr. Carmencita Quesada-Fulgado, the first book, Memoirs of UP Alumni Abroad she edited and published part of the UP Centennial Celebration in 2008 when she among four others were appointed Commissioner Abroad.

This brought $50,000 to the Endowment Scholarship Fund with the UP Foundation Inc. which she started in 2000 following her two-term UPAAA Presidency.

UPAA-NY sponsored its sequel, Book II Memories...A Legacy Gift, which included non-UP grads and non-Filipinos as well, for “everyone has a story to tell, gratitude to express, a family heritage to honor,” Dr. Fulgado explains.

Like the first book, every story is with a tax-deductible donation from the author, and the net proceed is added to the endowment fund.

Encouraged by the outcome of another $50,000 added to the fund from Book II, UPAA-NY launched a third project and this is Book III Memories of UP Alumni and Friends United just published and released in February 2019.

The 300-page book contains nostalgic memoirs, grateful stories, shared experiences, legendary revelations such as the story of a Filipino’s road to US University Presidency and a UP President’s rise into politics to be Phil Senate President and his Words of Wisdom for UP moving forward; there is one who formulated pharmaceutical products and retired at 49; the first Asian woman to pass the NY bar and became Chair/CEO of a billion dollar multi-national food company; the inspiring “How We Met” vignettes; an interesting travelogue through Jerusalem; the decorated physician who served in the U.S. military; the magnanimous giving of 2nd generation Filipino-American who has not even seen the Phil; road less travelled route to becoming a diplomat; the unlikely passage of a UP graduate into priesthood; the pianist of international fame, who gave up NYC because home is still the Philippines; the survival of a journalist as mere “serendipity”; the reminiscence of one whose bucket list includes a visit to New Zealand; the legendary story of the original Philippine Popular bookstore; be impressed by how family ties bind: read their legacies, children/grandchildren nostalgic memories that influenced their lives, UPAA chapter stories of Giving Back: foundations of a sorority and fraternity; the inspiring memoirs of scholars of this Scholarship Fund, as well as UPdates on UPM, UPCebu, UPLB, UPB, UPD, UPMin. UPOU, and UPV.

The cover and chapter separators are original paintings by renowned artist Lito David, one of which is the cover pictured above.

To date prior to adding the proceeds of Book III, the Scholarship Fund may now have a scholar in each of the eight Constituent Units.

Became active only in 2007, it has awarded 37 students, 25 graduated, and with honors.

Several have written to tell their amazing stories of struggles with gratitude.

UPAA-NY has 501C3 registered charitable status Tax ID # 134201597 DLN 17953029 Public Charity Status 170 (b) (1) (a) (vi).

Contributions are tax-deductible to the extent the law allows.

If you wish to have a copy, e-mail This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Mention that you read it in the Filipino Reporter and you will receive the discounted price of $109/book FREE shipping.

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