Santacruzan is a religious commemoration of the finding of the True Cross by the Emperatriz (thus, Reyna Elena) mother of the Roman Emperor Constantine who, in the Edict of Milan in 313, legalized Christianity.

This paved the way for its spread throughout the world.

But it is also the celebration of the Spanish springtime tradition of Flores de Mayo dedicated to the Blessed Mother with offerings of flowers and festive processions.

In the Filipino way of brightening solemn events into joyous ones, the two feasts were merged to form what is now known as the “Queen of Filipino Feasts,” the Santacruzan.

It is held on the ninth night of the novena honoring the Holy Cross.

The novena procession includes the Reynas, Sagalas (muses), Flower Girls, Angels, their Escorts and a display of biblical figures, characters of beauty, purity and fancy, and symbols of attributes to the Virgin Mary.

The relic of the True Cross, used to lead Santacruzan procession resides at St. Aedan’s Church in Jersey City, N.J.

The Catholic Action of Mary (CAM) will hold the “41st Santacruzan and Flores De Mayo” in Jersey City on Sunday, May 26, 2019 at St. Mary’s Church (Second St./Erie St.).

CAM’s mission is to preserve our heritage by celebrating and sharing the meaning behind our Filipino religious and cultural traditions.

CAM’s celebration is the largest and longest running Santacruzan here in the East Coast.

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