The University of the Philippines Alumni Association in America, Inc. (UPAAA) and co-host University of the Philippines Alumni Association San Francisco chapter is set and ready to welcome its fellow alumni, members and attendees at the 20th Grand Reunion and Convention on Aug. 30 to Sept. 1, 2019.

The grand reunion will be held at the Crown Plaza Hotel San Francisco Airport in Burlingame, California.

The year-round preparation has been completed.

The theme — “Lead, Elevate, Advance and Participate” — is a reminder that the spirit of the alma mater is alive and well.

To register, visit www.upaaagrandreunion.com or www.upaainamerica.org.

For more information, visit the UPAAA FB page.

Register right away to get special rate ending June 30, 2019.

Organizers are looking forward to welcoming UP alumni all over the world in San Francisco.

San Francisco was chosen from other world-class cities after a deliberate vetting process.

It was reported, many who participated in choosing the city, made their choice for sentimental and romantic reasons...they left their heart in San Francisco.

They are not alone.

The 2019 reunion was organized in a collaborative effort by UPAAA and UPAA San Francisco Chapter.

UP alumni from the U.S. and other parts have been looking forward to gathering in the City by the Bay.

Alumni, families and guests are excited and expected to make the memorable trip to San Francisco.

UP System President Danilo Concepcion will lead the delegation from UP Diliman.

He will deliver the keynote address at the convention.

UPAAA President Nelsie Parrado is confident of a big turn-out, as well as a successful reunion.

Sonia Delen, president of UPAA SF, is likewise gung-ho in insuring the event will be a resounding success.

The Planning Team led by Kellie Sabas was successful in finding a hotel-property that offered value-rate and great location.

The program content and activities are all planned to delight attendees and leave them with pleasurable memories.

There will be a combination of fun, celebration, bonding, getting reacquainted, some learning and planning for the future.

In short, it will be a stereotype UP event — animated and cerebral at the same time.

Business sponsors invited

For business and services, the UPAAA Grand Reunion in San Francisco is an opportunity to reach a demographic of customers who mostly are in the 75th percentile of the income bracket.

UP alums in the U.S., and other parts of the world, come from diverse and high-achieving professions — lawyers, doctors, nurses, senior executives, academicians, engineers, financial advisers and entrepreneurs to name some.

Savvy businesses looking for growth cannot afford to miss the opportunity to be in front of this customer group.

In a competitive world of acquiring new customers, UP alums are prized customers.

The market profile of this customer group is a dream for marketers.

UP alums, friends and families, love brands, loyal to services and products that appeal to their perception of excellence.

They have the buying power to support their fine taste.

For ventures hunting for investors, this group is a high-value investor class.

It is not a surprise to see big firms and familiar brands lining up to join as event sponsors.

To become an event sponsor, vendors and interested parties may reach out to Nelsie Parrado; This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Alumni and families — Why attend?

The 20th Grand Reunion is well timed.

It is Labor Day weekend in the U.S.

San Francisco is expected to have mild weather at this time of the year.

The city offers a lot for visitors.

Alumni celebrating their anniversary will be honored and celebrated.

There will be quality time to reconnect with long-time-no-see classmates and fellow alums.

Many may have gone separate paths and places but remained connected all these years only by social media.

San Francisco will be a perfect place to get reconnected.

UP alums reflect a demographic trend.

Many of UP alums who left the Philippines and pursued opportunities elsewhere are on top of their chosen field and greying.

This is the generation of alums who may have seen the university’s humble beginning, blooming into its golden years and have lively stories to share.

The 2019 grand reunion in San Francisco will be a celebration of lives well-lived and a fun walk-back on memory lane.

For the younger alumni generation, this is a good opportunity to network and discovers mentors, perhaps.

Success is sometimes enhanced by the people you meet along the way.

For millennials, the San Francisco reunion may open opportunities pitch an idea, help career development or just connect with like-minded souls.

UPAAA history

The University of the Philippines Alumni Association in America, Inc. (UPAAA) was organized and founded in New Jersey by the late Dr. Arsenio Talingdan, as its first president, in May 1981.

His vision for the alumni association was to unite as one organization the UP alumni chapters in America, with a commonality of goals, foremost of which is to help preserve the university as the national center of academic freedom and excellence.

UPAAA also aims to maintain open lines of communication between the university and the alumni in America, to include advancing the intellectual, cultural and economic pursuits of UP alumni.

Over the 38 years of its founding, UPAAA, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization in the U.S., has a long list of accomplishments, including a Scholarship Fund, Professorial Chairs, recognition and granting of awards to alumni in the U.S. who excel in their profession and field of expertise.

Past UPAAA presidents and their administrations have laid the seed and foundation for what UPAAA, Inc. is today.

A long-held tradition since 1981 is the holding of a reunion.

In the early 90s, the reunion became a biennial event, during which distinguished alumni are honored and alumni celebrating their jubilee years are recognized.

The 19th Grand Reunion and Convention was held in Iselin, N.J. in October 2017, with the 21st UP President, Danilo Concepcion, as the keynote speaker.

His speech, “The State of the University of the Philippines,” was an eye-opener to the U.S.-based alumni, describing the myriad problems confronting the university.

Leadership & achievements

The current UPAAA Board of Directors has launched projects beginning in 2017, to fulfill its mission and goals as an alumni association, supporting the University of the Philippines maintain its tradition of excellence.

In 2018, UPAAA established its Stipend Scholarship Program open to seven constituent universities.

Working with the College of Human Kinetics, UPAAA has started a program to alleviate Food Insecurity among athletes in UP Diliman.

A monetary donation was given to Ilang-ilang Residence Hall to improve the inner courtyard of the dorm, under the Adopt-a-Dorm project.

In 2018, Rosalia V. Ordonez, a UP Nursing alumna, donated $5,000 to UPAAA for the College of Sciences and Mathematics in UP Mindanao for a much-needed renovation of its Food Processing Laboratory.

UPAAA has also given monetary support to student-led community outreach projects in UP Mindanao and UP Visayas, to foster student-alumni relations and make students appreciate the importance of giving back to the university.

Honor and excellence

The future is not easy to predict.

UPAAA has evolved all these years.

With steady leadership, Nelsie Parrado has steered the organization, making it collaborative, goal-oriented and a relevant organization to its members and stakeholders.

The reunion theme “Lead, Elevate, Advance and Participate” reminds alumni and those who have passed through the pillars of the University of Philippines of tradition and responsibility...Honor and Excellence.

For these special people, whatever you do, wherever you are, you can’t help but admit that the UP experience has helped shaped you.

See you all in San Francisco.


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