Kim Chi and Xian Lim in an undated photo.

Star Magic artist Xian Lim has always been interested in music.

Long before he landed his first acting job in the Philippines, Xian was learning to play the piano — with invariably good results.

Now, he’s putting all that time spent with his fingers poised over a keyboard to good use by writing his own songs, the latest of which is a piano-driven ballad titled “Ako’y Sa’yo Lamang.”

The song is now being used on Xian’s new show “My Binondo Girl” as the theme song of his onscreen partnership with the show’s lead actress, Kim Chiu.

In “My Binondo Girl,” Xian plays restaurateur Andy Wu, while Kim plays the title role of Jade Dimaguiba, the stunning ingénue who just wants to be acknowledged by her traditional Chinese father.

At first, Xian’s character Andy was one of three men vying for the heart of Kim’s character Jade.

The other two were Jade’s best guy friend Onyx Dimalanta, played by Jolo Revilla, and Andy’s younger half-brother Trevor Wu, played by Matteo Guidicelli.

For a while, it seemed like Andy, Onyx and Trevor were in a three-way race to Jade’s heart.

But eventually, Andy pulled ahead-and he and Jade ended up becoming a couple of the show.

The fans embraced the Jade-Andy tandem and praised Xian and Kim for having great onscreen chemistry.

The fans even christened the new tandem — “Jandy” for the characters’ partnership and “KimXi” for the actors that play them.

Because his character is now the apple of Jade’s eye on the show, Xian had to work more closely with Kim during their recent taping days.

Not that Xian’s complaining about having to do so, mind you!

In fact, he has said in previous interviews that being around Kim makes him feel inspired.

So much so, in fact, that he put his inspiration to good use and wrote “Ako’y Sa’yo Lamang.”

It was actually a song he wrote for Kim just for kicks.

No one asked him to write the song for the show or anything like that.

It just so happened that management were able to listen to the song once, and realized it would be perfect for the “Jandy” tandem of “My Binondo Girl,” which is how it ended up being a familiar song on the show.

“It’s more of my appreciation towards Kim and it’s just my way of showing respect for her,” Xian explains.

Xian has said that he wants to take his music to the next level — in fact, he has already taken baby steps towards that goal.

Aside from performing at several concert venues with his keyboard in tow, Xian has also been seen showing off his piano-playing chops in “ASAP Rocks.”

He also has a YouTube channel (youtube.com/user/XianLim8), which is where he uploads videos of him singing and playing the piano.

His YouTube channel has gained a large number of hits.

A short video featuring a behind-the-scenes clip of the “Ako’y Sa’yo Lamang” music video shoot and the official music video of the song itself is also on that channel.

His recent stint in Star Magic’s benefit show was one of the most applauded performances.

Aside from acting, Xian proves that he’s also gifted with other talents.

He said that he’d be happy to work on more songs and hopefully have his album soon.

Aside from piano, he plays guitar, ukulele, saxophone and melodic.

Xian is the newest Mint and Orotime Italian Trend Jewelry endorser.

He recently started his new campaign for the brands.

“I’m so happy and so blessed. I owe everything to everyone na patuloy na nagtitiwala at sumusuporta sa akin,” he says.

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