Did you know that Jose Mari Chan (pictured above in concert) remains the best-selling local artist in the Philippines, with his two smash albums, “Christmas in Our Hearts” and “Constant Change,” occupying the second and third spots, respectively, in the official list of top-selling Pinoy albums?

According to the Philippine Association of the Record Industry (PARI), both albums have so far sold nearly 1 million copies each, next only to Mexican actress-singer Thalia’s “Nandito Ako” album that was made for the Filipino market in 1997 and which sold more than a million copies making it the No. 1 best-selling Pinoy album of all time.

Interestingly, “Christmas in Our Hearts” keeps making a comeback in the charts year after year during Yuletide season since its release in 1990, according to records industry data.

“Constant Change,” meanwhile, is Joe Mari’s sixth album which is composed of iconic love songs that include “Beautiful Girl,” “Please Be Careful With My Heart,” “My Girl, My Woman, My Friend” and “Constant Change.”

It was named the Best Album in Awit Awards the same year it was released in 1989 and also the first OPM album to receive the Diamond Record Awards; it later surpassed the Double Diamond status just like his “Christmas In Our Hearts.”

“Liza and I have sung it (Christmas in Our Hearts) in concerts here and abroad,” Joe Mari said in one interview.

“She was only 19 when we recorded it. Now she’s past 40 and is a mom.”

But did you know that Liza was not the first choice to sing it with her father?

“It was supposed to be Lea Salonga,” Joe Mari revealed to Ricky Lo.

“However, Lea’s recording contract didn’t allow her to guest on a competing label. It was really destiny that Liza would sing that song with me. The father-daughter tandem gave it that extra heartwarming touch, delivering the true meaning of Christmas.”

Twenty-two years later, Joe Mari released another hot-selling Christmas memorabilia, “Going Home to Christmas,” which has 23 tracks, 18 of them original.

The album, which is also fast becoming a favorite Christmas present among Pinoys since its release in 2012, is also the title of Joe Mari’s upcoming major Christmas concert in Atlantic City, N.J.’s Golden Nugget Casino, Hotel & Marina on Dec. 6 (starting at 8 p.m.).

Presented by Group Ole, “Going Home to Christmas” will also feature two of Joe Mari’s children, Liza Chan-Parpan and Franco Chan.

He will also be accompanied in some of his numbers by the renowned San Lorenzo Ruiz Choir, under choirmaster and young tenor Jun Peneverde; as well as the versatile and sought-after Sounds of Manila.

For tickets and other info on “Going Home to Christmas” concert, call 917.294.6783 or visit

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