Lourds Lane (5th from left) also co-stars in “SuperYou The Musical,” which premiered at the historic The Players Club in Gramercy Park (New York).  (Photo by NYPCG)

Internationally renowned for its musicals, theatre and artistic performances, New York City has once again added to its legendary repertoire with “SuperYou The Musical,” which premiered at the historic The Players Club in Gramercy Park on April 22, 2019.

Created by Filipino-American Lourds Lane, who was raised by a Filipino mother of modest means, “SuperYou The Musical” empowers women to rediscover their inner superheroes and to use their superhero powers to create the world they envisioned.

With inspirational songs like “Don’t Wait Create,” “I will Start the Fire Now” and “We are Awake,” the musical is the journey of a female comic book artist, who reignites the superhero in her by encountering her superheroine creations.

The Huffington Post has described the musical as “A Broadway-bound game-changer...Finally, there is a happy ending that shows girls how to fall in love with themselves.”


Vice Consul Tanya Faye O. Ramiro (center) with Filipino-Americans, Beatrice Kimmel (left), the President of EMPKT, a public relations firm promoting “SuperYou The Musical”; and Lourds Lane, the visionary artist behind the said musical.  (Photo by Beatrice Kimmel)

A Harvard honors graduate and classically trained musician, Lourds Lane created “SuperYou The Musical” as an offshoot of her non-profit organization, “The SuperYouFUNdation,” which she founded in 2013.

Putting “fun” in this foundation is the “SuperYou Curriculum,” which “uses the language of superheroes” to inspire children to feel empowered and to use their “superhero powers” to help make a difference in their respective communities.

This organization has been working with UNESCO to incorporate the program into their global curriculum.


A classically trained musician, Lourds Lane, as her superhero character, “Rise,” also played the violin during the performance.  (Photo by NYPCG)

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