Nora Aunor (center) at a despedida party in her honor in Glendale, California. At right is her friend Cecille Ramos.

Nora Aunor has cancelled her flight back to Manila at the last minute, according to a Philippine Airlines (PAL) employee at the Tom Bradley International Airport in Los Angeles.

The Superstar was supposed to be on the business class of PR 103 on the night of July 19 to start filming “El Presidente,” where she’ll play Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo’s second wife Maria Agoncillo.

(Aguinaldo will be played by Laguna Gov. ER Ejercito, who is also producing the movie.)

There have even been despedida parties held in her honor and several news broadcasts trumpeting her much-anticipated comeback.

But for whatever reason, the star of “Himala” and “Flor Contemplacion Story” had a change of heart about coming home for the first time after eight years of living in the U.S.

Media and fans waited for four hours at the L.A. airport to monitor the supposed departure of Nora.

An ABS-CBN source said Nora wanted someone to come home with her, but they encountered problems.

The source couldn’t confirm whether it was her friend John Rendez, whom she wanted to take to Manila with her.

Another report cited a “last-minute financial obligation” on the part of Nora, prompting the postponement of the flight.

Nora’s friend Cecille Ramos reportedly rescheduled the flight to July 31.

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