KC Concepcion flatly denied rumors that she’s expecting a visit from the stork.

On June 1, she posted the following message on her Instagram account, accompanied by a photo showing her toned body (above) while her sweating it out in the Big Apple, where’s she’s currently based.

“Once & for all: What is this rumor that I am “pregnant”??? I AM NOT PREGNANT. I have NEVER BEEN PREGNANT in my whole entire life. Someone tried to spread this rumor since I left for Paris at 18 & wow now it’s back? Please. When the time comes that I would be blessed with a beautiful baby I will be the first one to proudly announce it to my family, friends, supporters, loved ones.  Although I don’t want to be rushed...I honestly can’t wait for that day...Have a happy day, beautiful people!!! Let’s work on getting fit, healthy & happy! xx, K. 2d”


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