Nov. 19, 2010

           AI-AI DE LAS ALAS



She wears her irreverence like a badge of honor and only she can seem to get away with it. Because she’s Ai-Ai de las Alas.

In her controversial concert at the Big Dome, Ai-Ai made a grand entrance through a huge replica of a female’s private part, telling the shocked/amused audience using the Waray word for that thing,

“Ngayon lang kayo nakakita ng ganyang kalaking p—y, ano?”

A talent manager raised a “moral” issue against Ai-Ai over the incident but Ai-Ai simply shrugged it off.

On Friday, Nov. 19, Ai-Ai starred in Akin ang Tronong ‘To, her new concert also at the Big Dome, and what shocker is she going to spring on the audience this time?

“I will be at my uncensored best,” threatened Ai-Ai who will transform herself into various characters, including little orphan Annie, a poker-faced Lady Gaga and Michael Jackson. “My guests are showbiz royalties,” she added, referring to Sharon Cuneta and Regine Velasquez.

First Sister Kris Aquino’s BFF (Best Friend Forever), Ai-Ai brazenly announced at a presscon, “Ako lang ang may karapatang gumamit kay P-Noy,” meaning only she can “use” President Noynoy Aquino perhaps in the promo for her concert, adding shamelessly, “Ako ang bagay maging First Lady!”

As you can see, Ai-Ai is enjoying to the hilt her solo joyride.

See how Ai-Ai will fare in a “sexy talk.”

What is sexy to you?

“Sexiness is not only for body, sexy for me means you have brains.”

Name three sexy women.

“1. Angelina Jolie, 2. Jennifer Lopez and 3. Beyoncé.”
Name three sexy men.

“1. Brad Pitt, 2. George Clooney and 3. Piolo Pascual.”

What makes you feel sexy?

“I feel sexy when I’m thin and when I use my favorite perfume.”

When did you lose your innocence (to a younger man or to an older man)?

“No comment. Hahahahaha!”

What qualities do you want in a man?

“Can buy me load. A man who will love me because I am lovable, and love me because I am Eileen and not because I am Ai-Ai.”

Sexiest sound (musical instrument).

“Violin and flute.”

Sexiest song.

“Soft melody.”

Sexiest book.

“Playboy, FHM. (Ay, book pala, akala ko magazines. Sorry wala akong alam. Hehehehe!)”

Sexiest car.

“Porsche Boxter.”

Sexiest part of your body?

“Eyes, legs, boobs.”

Sexiest part of a man’s body?

“Eyes and butt. I don’t like muscles, I want a little fat.”

Sexiest billboard.

“My Belo billboard.”

Sexiest face.

“Liv Tyler.”

Sexiest clothes.


Sexiest perfume.

“DKNY for women.”

Sexiest time of day.


Sexiest part of the house.


Sexiest TV show.

“L Word.”

Sexiest scene you have ever seen in a movie.

“The love-making scene on the stairs in ‘Unfaithful,’ starring Richard Gere and Diane Lane.”

Sexiest scene you have ever done.

“The one I did in ‘Tanging Ina 3.’ I didn’t wear bra, just nipple pads.”

Sexiest fantasy.

“Making love in the pool at night.”

Sexiest thing you have ever done to yourself.

“Four liposuctions and one tummy tuck.”

Sexiest thing you have done to or with a man.

“Give him a blue rose on a Valentine date.”

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