Kapwa Ko, Mahal Ko conducted 118 medical missions nationwide in 2014.

Thirty-nine years on the air and counting, the Philippines’ longest running public service program Kapwa Ko, Mahal Ko (KKMK) shows no signs of slowing down as it remains committed to its mission of improving the welfare of indigent Filipinos across the country, especially children afflicted with cancer.

Since 1975, the program has served as a bridge between patients in need of financial assistance and the generous donors who wish to make a difference in other people’s lives.

Subsequently, the Kapwa Ko, Mahal Ko Foundation, Inc. was established to further the program’s dedication to public service.

With KKMK Foundation President Dr. Orly Mercado and KKMK Foundation, Inc. Board Director Connie Angeles, who also serve as the program’s hosts, the Foundation continues to promote its health advocacies and extend medical assistance to Filipinos.

In 2014, the Foundation came to the aid of residents affected by the earthquake in Bohol through a medical mission conducted in the area.

Along with partners in the private sector, KKMK also took part in the restoration of the Tacloban City Hospital which was turned over to the local government in August of that year.

Continuing its advocacy of raising the standards of public health, the Foundation also conducted 118 medical missions nationwide, which benefited a total of 105,936 patients last year.

With the help of the private sector, other non-government organizations and the local government units, KKMK was able to provide free check-ups and laboratory procedures to the beneficiaries.

Also in the same year, Kapwa Ko, Mahal Ko’s longstanding project “Batang Kapwa” or “Batang K” saw 13 of its beneficiaries graduate from the program.

“Batang K” helps children afflicted with Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia (ALL) and their families find financial assistance for the patient’s chemotherapy.

The program also boosts the children’s morale through support group activities.

Moreover, the Foundation has heeded the call of over 800 patients who came to their office in the form of medicines and financial assistance for laboratory procedures and surgical needs, while 592 patients were referred to hospitals and medical institutions.

With 39 years of unwavering commitment to public service to its name, Kapwa Ko, Mahal Ko moves closer towards its vision of raising the quality of life of Filipinos in need.

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