Joross Gamboa with wife Katz and their four-month-old son Jace Kyler.

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The actor.

He understands deeply the role.

An abusive husband, a transgender, a confidant, a romantic.

That’s just a few of the interesting and wildly diverse characters that award-winning actor Joross Gamboa has taken on.

But what will really surprise you is the man.

Embracing his job as an actor makes him grounded.

He loves his work.

He is a craftsman in the entertainment industry, and he enjoys his chosen work.  

Joross relishes every role, every project for the satisfaction that his work brings to him.

What does it mean for an actor to have a tough role?

Sometimes an actor has to really stretch to pull you in to a feeling or a situation that you never imagined yourself being close to.

A tough role means difficult for an actor, not for the audience.

It’s supposed to be easy for the actor to ask the impossible of the audience.

It’s a very rare talent who can do that.

Usually writers won’t take the chance and they’ll surround a difficult acting job with lots of supporting talent.

Very rarely can an actor do the impossible all on his own, and Joross delivers that.

He can connect with his viewers far from anything in their lives and is very convincing.

Joross showed his versatility as an actor with captivating roles in movies like “I love you. Thank you,” “Intoy Syokoy Ng Kalye Marino,” “My Amnesia Girl” and “Suddenly It’s Magic.” His television appearances in “Maalaala Mo Kaya,” “My Fair Lady,” “Ipaglaban Mo” and “Mga Kwento ni Lola Basyang,” among others has delighted his audiences.


He’s deep, mysterious and always in character.

Joross has been the go-to-guy for an astonishing variety of character roles in Philippine entertainment.

He has the ability to transport his audience from reality to fiction which is in contrast to how grounded he is in real life.

Career path.

He started his acting career in 2004 as a commercial model when he was 19 years old.

Being in the industry for more than a decade, he appears ageless.

Perhaps that’s just a part of his chameleon nature.

Joross spends a lot of time and effort developing different parts of his craft.

This passion is keeping him young.

He has been exploring scriptwriting and directing.

He takes visual approach to things, “Pag nakatanggap ako ng script, my imagination goes wild,” he explains.

That is what I saw when I watched Joross as a transgender bestie in a recent “Maalaala Mo Kaya” episode.

His character couldn’t be more different than the homebody that I know him to be.

How does he keep the balance between his two worlds?

Huwag kang magpakain sa system,” he seriously says.

Then he continues, “I look at it as work. Nagtatrabaho ako para mabuhay.”

He sounded determined and focused on what is important, but it is not easy.

My prediction is that he will be the rare case.

He will manage the balance, his family and his work life.

From what I have seen he’s got the passion and the dedication to pull it off.

As a family man.

I met Joross in a writer’s workshop last summer in Manila.

He struck me as a low key, funny, quick-witted young man.

He’s a very interesting character.

I knew he is an actor but he did not have the arrogance of a showbiz personality.

His down-to-earth persona is endearing.

When I asked him to tell me more about himself, he offered to show me the video of his wedding.

This was for me a revealing moment.

His first instinct when wanting to express what he is really all about, was to show me his wedding video.

This is a man in love.

Hindi lang siya maganda pero matalino pa siya,” he happily narrates.

Then endearingly continues, “Noong na-meet ko siya, I can’t imagine spending the rest of my life with anybody else.”

His non-showbiz wife, Katz, gives a funny and quite amusing account of their first meeting.

Her first impression was that he is insensitive.

Katz did not even know he’s an actor.

She recalls, “I did not think of a possible second date,” and with a childlike tone she says, “On our first movie date he did not even share his popcorn.”

That first impression gave way to the warm and wonderful man who stole her heart.

As she got to know him better they fell in love and got married.

Joross has a busy and very active family life not just with his wife but with his parents and his extended family.

“I am lucky to have the support of family and friends to be able to do something when I’m not working on a project,” he explains.

His dedication to his family and his faith has kept him far from the usual party scene common in this profession.

Recently, Joross is inspired and excited about the new phase in his life.

It’s fatherhood.

He’s a proud father of four-month-old Jace Kyler.

Joross took time off from his busy schedule to spend time with his newborn.

Changing diapers, helping with his feeding, and being as involved as he possibly could.

His family values strengthens and support his artistic values.

We need more like him in the industry.


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