Every year, local show business is not without stories that make this inconsequential seem like the only exciting industry in this country.

Thanks, but no thanks, to mass media that perpetrate even the most trivial of all stories and parlay them to gossip hungry audiences on television, readers of tabloid newspapers and glossy gossip magazines.

In fact, show business makes life more bearable for many people living miserable lives as they watch/read stories on how TV stars struggle with their relationships, problems with network executives, and dealings with other people and co-stars.

As the year ends, we compile the most interesting, if not ridiculous, stories that have made show business whirring in delight and abuzz with rumors.

* The Kris Aquino-James Yap break up.

Who didn’t believe when we said that this marriage (not made in heaven, of course) wasn’t going to last.

Everyone, perhaps, did, except that they were just waiting when the marital cord would break, and it did right after Kris’ brother Noynoy was proclaimed President of the Philippine Republic.

Now, the marriage is the process of annulment.

Kris has proclaimed she and James are actually friends these days.

* ABS-CBN versus Willie Revillame and TV5.

Willie Revillame is no longer a Kapamilya but proudly barking as Kapatid.

But despite his superciliousness, he is definitely upset by the number of cases he is facing in a couple of judicial courts.

He has 18 lawyers or so trying to dodge cases filed by his former network and he continues to clown on the set of Willing Willie, the show he brought to TV5 and thanks to Manny V. Pangilinan for taking him under his wing.

Does he think ABS-CBN will just let him go without being punished for acting like the network would crumble without him?

He just doesn’t know Gabby Lopez that much, I guess.

* The “vaginal lock” rumor.

Whoever started this nasty but funny rumor must have a real wild imagination.

And choosing John Lloyd Cruz and Shaina Magdayao as the subjects of this wild gossip is even more brilliant.

I’d give him “A” for creating the rumor that has become the subject of talks in coffee shops, beauty parlors, offices and even church patios.

The loophole of the fictional account was how can the couple remain anonymous if they’d gone to a hospital?

But hospitals had denied having treated the couple for that medical condition.

* The Sharon Cuneta-Aga Muhlach feud.

Did Aga really say the movie with Sharon Cuneta could wait?

And why would Sharon feel bad?

Aga hasn’t finished the movie with Regine Velasquez and because, according to official statements from both camps, she was busy preparing for her wedding with Ogie Alcasid.

What about the much-publicized movie with Angel Locsin?

We have not heard anything about it since it was announced by Star Cinema.

And now Aga is said to have moved to TV5, which might be a bit of a problem, if he had signed those movie deals with Star Cinema.

Meanwhile, Sharon had kissed and made up with Aga, but their friendship, I suppose, won’t be the same as it was in previous years.

* Charice Pempengco in “Glee.”

Nobody believed it until Charice appeared in an episode of the second season.

She crashed into Hollywood, and that alone is reason for every Filipino to be proud of her.

There were two stars who tried before her — Tetchie Agbayani who appeared in two films (“Emerald Forest” and “Gymkata,” both in 1985 and a short role in “The Money Pit,” 1986) and Lea Salonga who was the singing voice of Jasmine in “Aladdin,” and Mulan in “Mulan” and appeared in a TV role in “Redwood Curtain” — but they weren’t very successful.

Charice has yet to appear in another episode and surpass the feat of the songs she sang in the first episode — “Listen” and “Telephone” — that found their way to the top of the charts.

Her character, Sunshine Corazon, has to be written well so she can stay on a semi regular basis in the Emmy-winning chart-topping series.

* The Robin Padilla-Mariel Rodriguez union.

It was a whirlwind romance, as they say.

Robin who is divorced from Liezl Sicango had wooed Mariel who is a bit older than his eldest daughter.

She fell for his sweet words and charmed her to marry her in indigenous ceremonies which, of course, was denied by the two later, saying they were shooting for a scene in a movie that would star them together.

Eventually, the two would admit that, indeed, they had gotten married in civil ceremony.

Robin converted to Islam when he was serving time in Muntinlupa.

His new religion allows him to marry more than once, if and when his financial resources would allow him.

* The Ogie Alcasid-Regine Velasquez marriage.

Long overdue, finally the two vowed “I do” in before a Christian pastor (they couldn’t be married in a Catholic ceremony because Ogie’s wedding to Michelle van Eimeren hasn’t been annulled by the Catholic Church yet) and attended by close friends, including President Noynoy Aquino who was a groomsman as well.

The two had been living together as man and wife even before they announced that they were going to be wed.

Regine was emotional and even tried to be comic, but Ogie remained stoic.

* The return of Noli de Castro and Korina Sanchez to “TV Patrol.”

The Kapamilya network, anticipating Willie Revillame’s show on TV5 on prime time, recycled old news anchors Noli de Castro and Korina Sanchez and cast them together in the early evening newscast, hoping it would Revillame a bit of a challenge in the ratings race.

While the two proved lightweight to GMA-7’s “24 Oras” anchors Mike Enriquez and Mel Tiangco, they also proved powerless against Revillame whose show pounced on the newscast on its first week.

These days, de Castro and Sanchez are neck-and-neck with Revillame in the ratings in Mega Manila, even as they leave him miles behind in the nationwide ratings race.

* The Sarah Geronimo-Cristine Reyes feud.

Over a man, definitely, Cristine has been tweeting things against Sarah, who was once linked with Rayver Cruz and now dating Cristine.

Sarah has remained mum, not saying anything which irritates obviously Cristine.

Apparently, she wants Sarah to react to her tweets, but she isn’t because she feels it would be useless to do so.

As a matter of fact, she doesn’t really care if Rayver is with her or not.

Sarah is bent on fulfilling her promise to make life for her parents and siblings less miserable than it was before she became a popular sweetheart of the masses.

* Akihiro Sato’s win in “Survivor Philippines” Celebrity Edition.

Many pro-Ervic Vijandre and Aubrey Miles have been asking why the P3 million prize went to a Brapanese and not a Filipino.

But it wasn’t Aki’s fault if majority of the jurors, all of them were contestants voted out in the “Survivor” show, voted for the Brazilian model whose father is a Japanese who migrated to Sao Paulo.

Perhaps, Aki had won the hearts of his fellow “Survivor” contestants as he is winning the hearts of many Filipino TV fans.

He said he wants to be Filipino and would like to bring his family here.

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