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Noy’s assets worth P50-M, Binay P58-M

MANILA — The public is expected to monitor the wealth of President Benigno Aquino III considering that his predecessor, Read more


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AARP Foundation Tax-Aide availabl

Image - AARP Foundation Tax-Aide availabl

WASHINGTON — Now through April 15, 2019, AARP Foundation is providing free tax assistance and pr

Friday, 15 February 2019 Comments

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PH-U.S. trade in agriculture prom

Image - PH-U.S. trade in agriculture prom

Agriculture Attaché Dr. Josyline Javelosa (center) with visiting Kansas Corn Collegiate Academy St

Friday, 26 July 2019 Comments


11th Annual New York City Real Es

Image - 11th Annual New York City Real Es


Friday, 13 September 2019 Comments



Perception about the Philippine has again suffered, with the latest FutureBrands study showing the Philippines dropping to No. 65 from No. 36 in the previous survey.

“The Philippines has been beset by high-profile violent incidents this year that might have overshadowed the election of a new president pledging to reform a country troubled by perceptions of corruption,” said FutureBrands in its study Country Brand Index which was done in cooperation with BBC World News.

“Time will tell if the Philippines’ natural, historical and cultural assets, a relatively stable economy, and a new government will reverse this downward trend for the brand,” it added.

The Philippines appear to have become less attractive for visitors, both tourists and businessmen, with the country falling in terms of respect and admiration, it said.

It added that the Philippines is less likely to be endorsed as a destination to others, according to the study that is in its sixth year.

The Country Brand Index examines and ranks country brands based on several areas, including how high is the country on top of people’s minds (awareness); how well do people know the country and what it offers (familiarity); what qualities come to mind when a country is thought of (association); how highly do people esteem the country (preference); is it considered for a possible visit and do they actually visit (consideration); and do people recommend the country to family, friends and colleagues to visit (advocacy)?

In the Philippines’ case, positive responses for preference and advocacy dropped, said FutureBrands, adding that positive response for Political Freedom dropped 31 places to 66 from 35.

“The bombings in the Philippines and constant warring and insecurities derail the perception of its vibrant private sector and natural beauty,” FutureBrands said.

The study also looked into the impression about a country’s tourism, heritage and culture, viability for business, quality of life, education, healthcare, standard of living, job opportunity, safety, and most liked to live in, and value system.

The sixth study involved surveys of 3,400 intentional business and leisure travellers from 13 countries on all five continents, and holding of focus group discussion in 14 major metropolitan areas around the world.

Topping this year’s study was Canada, followed by Australia and New Zealand.

The previous study saw brand “America” topping the list followed by Canada.

This time, the U.S. fell to fourth.

FutureBrands said a country brand’s strength is a nation’s “ultimate” intangible asset, beyond geographic size, financial performance or levels of awareness.

It can be a lasting vehicle for goodwill, encouraging forgiveness in difficult times and disproportionately boosting the value of exports, from people to products to entire corporations.

Country brands can be a driver of brand strength in other context, like how a product, service or corporation is identified with a strong country brand, enjoying a better chance of premium pricing, longevity, and preference in emerging markets — like the power of French luxury brands in China as an example.

Country brand ranking correlates how far a nation exports its values through its iconic brands, according to FutureBrand.

“A weak country brand leads to poor differentiation, ambiguous meaning and low recall in the minds of people who travel, invest and do business outside their borders,” it said.

“All these affect a nation’s ability to stand out regionally and globally and to realize future ambitions beyond its natural resources,” it added.

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