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Malacañang agrees NAIA needs rehabilitation: “NAIA has been around for 30 years...there is only so much you can do in the sense of rehabilitation,” it says.





Stranded passengers queue up to buy food at a fast food restaurant at a Manila airport on Sept. 27. Philippine Airlines took to the air again after being paralyzed for a day by a wildcat strike, but thousands of passengers remained stranded amid a skeleton flight schedule, the carrier said.


SECOND TRIP: When President Noynoy Aquino visits the United States Sept. 18-21, he will have a chance to ask directly from those who know what ever happened to the American investments that were promised him the last time he was there.


MANILA — Flag carrier Philippine Airlines PAL.L (PAL.PS) said on Thursday it needs to upgrade its fleet to expand operations and spin-off its ground handling, catering, and call centre services to remain competitive in the booming Asian markets.

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