AirAsia Japan’s president Tomonori Ishii unveils the airline’s brand new name, “Vanilla Air,” during a press conference in Tokyo Tuesday.  (AFP/Toru Yamanaka)

TOKYO — AirAsia Japan announces to start a new brand as “Vanilla Air” from Nov. 1, 2013 onward with expiration of operations as AirAsia Japan on Oct. 31, 2013.

The new company and brand name are written as follows:

Brand name Vanilla Air

Company name Vanilla Air Inc.

Tomonori Ishii, the representative director and president of AirAsia Japan comments, “We will change freshly as ‘Vanilla Air,’ the visionary LCC to connect mainly between Tokyo (Narita) and domestic/international resort destinations from Nov. 1, 2013. The simple and sophisticated flavor of Vanilla is popular among people worldwide. Besides, the aroma makes people relaxed and satisfied. Same as such vanilla, we would like people in Japan, Asia and then all over the world to enjoy air travels easily and to have rewarding and happy leisure.”

Further details, including new routes and sales, will be announced in late September, and planned to start operations in late December 2013.

3 ambitions of Vanilla Air

Simple: Easy and No Stress.

Our Service is simple to understand for all guests and to choose to fit each.

Excellent: Stable and High Quality.

We provide Japanese quality of service which is simple but courteous.

Vanilla is grown by many efforts of producers to keep stable, high quality.

New Basic: New standard of air travel.

We satisfy guest’s necessaries for transportation and step ahead toward higher satisfactions.

Logo of Vanilla Air

The design of Vanilla Air’s logo is inspired by a flower of Vanilla, and then flower petals to open up expect to widen our routes to connect Japan to the world.

Expressing the visionary LCC to connect mainly between Tokyo (Narita) and domestic/international resort destinations, our brand is colored with “Sky Blue” and “Vanilla Yellow.”

Blue as sea and sky feels comfortably freedom and relaxing time, plus yellow as sun radiates a feel of happiness and brightness.

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