The Philippines has urged the United Nations Security Council to take a “balanced” approach to addressing international terrorism and called on governments to “exercise due care and diligence” in issuing travel alerts, the Philippine Star reported.

Philippine Deputy Permanent Representative (DPR) Carlos Sorreta issued the call during a Security Council meeting on Nov. 15.

He said counterterrorism strategies “must be comprehensive” and that terror threats “must be addressed by a combination of hard and soft approaches.”

He urged foreign governments to exercise care in the issuance of travel advisories, particularly in response to “possible terrorist attacks.”

“Travel advisories are taken very seriously. Once issued, travel advisories cannot be taken back,” Sorreta said.

“While the Philippines recognizes the responsibility of states to protect their citizens, we believe governments must exercise due care and diligence in issuing travel advisories. It affects not just travelling citizens but also the lifeline and the economy of a country that is the subject of a travel advisory,” he said.

“Governments must clearly distinguish between threats posed by ordinary criminal elements and those by terrorists, two very distinct categories,” he pointed out.

He said issuing a travel advisory that does not distinguish between ordinary crimes and terrorism is “a disservice to the country issuing it and country that is subject to it.”

The Philippines was recently the subject of travel alerts from the United States, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Canada and Australia.

The advisories came after the discovery in the UAE of mail bomb bound for the U.S.

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