Marketing Challenges:

•Is your online publication getting lost in the “noise?”

•Are you looking to increase readership?

•Do you want more traffic and viewer engagement?

•Do you want to market where the competition isn’t?

The Flipboard Solution!

If you’re looking for ways to diversify your marketing strategy and gain a new qualified stream of site traffic, here are a few powerful reasons your publication should be utilizing Flipboard:

•Flipboard is a digital magazine with 145 million highly engaged readers who spend several minutes on a site on average as compared to much shorter visits on other platforms.

•Flipboard Magazines curate articles from your company blog, social media posts and public relations reviews to build an audience, gain authority recognition, and tell your brand story.

•In a Flipboard “magazine,” you can create magazine topics, populate each targeted magazine with curated content, manage influencers, create your own verified publication, and so much more.

•The Flipboard content is portable and sharable. You can send it in an e-mail blast, use at trade shows or share via your social media posts. Each “Flipboardmagazine” curates from the web and accepts videos, voice-over sound and most blog articles and social media posts.

•The objective is to boost SEO on Google search, showcase and share your publication in an environment that has a highly engaged and motivated audience.

Marketing Thru Flipboard

Hot Ice Media is the only digital marketing agency that offers a Flipboard Marketing program.

We will help you create a strategic Flipboard profile, build your Magazines, increase quality traffic to your website, and bring more attention to your online publication.

Our Flipboard Marketing Program Includes:

•Creating a branded profile and building magazines that will drive traffic to your online publications

•Assisting you in getting your RSS feed published by Flipboard

•Helping you promote your Flipboard publications by sharing and leveraging Flipboard influencers

•Assisting you in getting more views and readership on Flipboard by using advertising and social media

•Organizing your publication content, articles, images and pull quotes into elegant magazines that readers will want to read and share

•Creating media and promotional magazines

•Creating video watching magazines using your YouTube channel

•Helping create a Flipboard advertising program

•Populating relevant topics for your publication on Flipboard