This photo was taken by the Filipino Reporter inside the then Payag Restaurant, which used to also be the venue of Filipino events. Above, l.-r.: Loren San Diego, Kay Habana, Ria Serrano and Amira Allahh hosted a fundraiser for a medical mission to the Philippines the night this picture was shot a few years back.



DALLAS — Earlier this week, President Duterte delivered his second State of the Nation Address or SONA before members of the Legislative, Judiciary, Diplomatic Corps (ambassadors of foreign nations), and other government personnel and on television to the Filipino people.

(From a Facebook post by Atty. Manuel Laserna, Jr.)


“And I certainly believe very strongly that a man with the human rights record of Mr. Duterte should not be invited to the White House. If he comes, I will lead the protest. We ought to be on the side of advocating for human rights, not explaining them away,” Massachusetts Rep. James McGovern (pictured above) said.

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