ACCORDING to the January 2010 issue of The Mayo Clinic Women’s Healthsource, most individuals who smoke, eat too many sweets and snacks, or avoid exercise, realize that these behaviors can lead to health problems, but knowledge doesn’t automatically or easily translate to action so, after years studying what actually works in helping people make long-lasting behavior changes, health professionals have come up with the following 10 effective strategies:



THE latest column “Ruminations” of Rey O. Arcilla, a regular columnist of Malaya, which appears in the Filipino Reporter’s issue of Jan. 7-13, 2011 made me reflect on why I write my weekly column in the Reporter for over 16 years.



ENDOSCOPY is a medical procedure where the gastroenterologist (specialist in diseases of the food pipe, stomach and intestines) inserts through the mouth a thin, flexible, lighted, fiberoptic tube with a mini TV camera (for direct viewing by the physician performing the test, or displaying the color video image on a TV screen) into the esophagus (foodpipe), stomach and (usually the duodenum, the first part of the) small intestines to do what is known as UGI (Upper Gastrointestinal) endoscopy.



TIME is like a thief who comes and goes unnoticed in the middle of the night.

THIS one came two nights after Christmas but it brought a mighty city to its knees.

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