AFTER re-examining last year’s health news, the Johns Hopkins medical letter staff members have come up with five key pieces of research that you can act upon to help make 2011 a little healthier and happier, says the January 2011 issue of the Johns Hopkins’ Health After 50.



A decade ago, a film “Kababayan - Filipino Americans in New York” with Alan Glazen as its executive producer and Filipino-American Diane Paragas as its director, was shown on Channel 13.



IN our culture, a chubby kid is somehow considered a healthy child.


EARLIER this week, President Obama’s health care law, which affects all Americans, including us, Filipino-Americans, was dealt a serious blow when a federal judge in Richmond, Virginia ruled that the government cannot require every American to buy health insurance.

PRESIDENT Benigno Aquino was correct when he instructed the Philippine ambassador to Norway not to attend the awarding ceremony of the Nobel Peace Prize in Oslo, making it appear he did so at the request of China which boycotted the rites because one of the honorees was a dissident Chinese writer.

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