Fil-Am philanthropist and community leader Loida Nicolas Lewis.  (Velzon Hizon Velez Photography)

Human nature, to some people, kicks off when they are pushed against the wall if caught doing a wrong or illegal act.

They either surrender or fight back by any means, even by another wrong.

This is exactly what seems to be happening with President Duterte who, according to the International Commission of Jurists (ICJ), presides over “a horrific campaign of extrajudicial executions that his government has explicitly condoned.”

(The bloody campaign continues to this day.)

Thus, he is under examination by the International Criminal Court for possible prosecution for crimes against humanity.

With thousands of suspected poor addicts and traffickers being killed up to now, Mr. Duterte apparently believes he has not done anything wrong nor illegal, and that no one should criticize his killing fields despite some 4,000 to 20,000 people reportedly killed, so far, in his bloody drug campaign.

Once again, Duterte’s spokesperson revived the baseless and funny accusation that New York’s Filipina-American philanthropist and community leader Loida Nicolas Lewis is conspiring with the ICC to have Duterte and his 11 senior officials get indicted and tried by ICC.

Poor Loida!

That Mrs. Lewis could, in effect, according to the Duterte spokesperson, corrupt the ICC judges because she is rich.

(The late husband of Mrs. Lewis, Reginald F. Lewis, according to The New York Times, was a Wall Street lawyer and financier who was one of the nation’s richest businessmen and a prominent corporate takeover dealer. He created a billion dollar business by himself in a leverage buyout using borrowed money.)

Another “ill-conceived and poorly thought” accusation.

Wild imaginations!

It may be recalled that more than a year ago, President Duterte also accused Mrs. Lewis of conspiring with Vice President Leni Robredo to oust him.

But, he realized his charge was without basis.

So, the President apologized to VP Leni, but not to Mrs. Lewis.

Once again, without presenting any evidence nor corroboration other than “sitsit, satsat, daldal” that Mr. Duterte has a supposed recording of wiretapped telephone conversation between Mrs. Lewis and the ICC, his spokesperson brought up their conspiracy theory the other day during a media conference in Manila.

Mrs. Lewis has vigorously denied those fake accusations in the past.

And all the more, the Filipino-American community loves and admires her.

Believing that Mrs. Lewis is innocent of the false charges hurled against her by Malacañang, we are reminded of one definition of the word “stupid.”

It says, “knowing the truth, seeing evidence of the truth, but still insisting the lie.”

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