LIKE Jesus Christ who resorted to parables in some of His conversations with the apostles, Manila’s Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle (pictured at very top) also used parables in a recent homily.

He delivered a sermon on “false worlds created by false gods.”

In other words, phony world led by phony people.

The Cardinal did not refer to specific personalities as “false gods.”

His warning, however — about this threat to the “culture of caring” — comes after 17-year-old Kian Loyd delos Santos was virtually executed by Philippine police and 13,000 suspected drug traffickers reportedly killed under President Rodrigo Duterte’s bloody anti-drug campaign.

Cardinal Tagle said: “Every false god is a false creator, and its creation is a false world, a phantasma. Every false god and false creator creates a false world, which is a big lie.”

“But it is packaged beautifully, you don’t even realize it is a lie. And so it attracts so many inhabitants that care for that false world, that are responsible in nurturing that world,” the cardinal added.

In these false worlds, he said, this is the mentality: “If I can eliminate you because you are a nuisance to me, then I am making my world better. If I could use you for my purposes, then I have reconstructed my world according to my plan.”

Although not mentioned, I could interpret the homily in relation to conditions obtaining in the Philippines.

One example is the oft-repeated reason given by the President of the Philippines as to the why of his brutal war on drugs where an estimated 13,000 suspected drug traffickers had been killed by police and unknown gunmen in the last 13 months, including children and teenagers.

The other day President Duterte was reported saying, “...if I do not control drugs, I will, you know, put the next generation into a jeopardy.”

However, the son and son-in-law of Duterte have been invited to appear before the Philippine Senate’s blue ribbon committee because the two have been mentioned as allegedly having something to do with the smuggled shabu (to the PH) from China worth P6.4 billion.

During the hearing, Sen. Antonio Trillanes showed a number of pictures taken on different occasions of Davao Vice Mayor Paolo Duterte and presidential son-in-law Mans Carpio in the company of the alleged smuggler and alleged middleman of the P6.4 billion shabu.

Two of the pictures showed President Duterte and the alleged smuggler inside the presidential office.

Reminds us of the saying, “Tell me who your friends are...”

Fake worlds, fake gods.



“Today’s announcement that DACA — Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals — will be rescinded is an ominous development for the 800,000 immigrants who came to our great nation as children and who now face the possibility of losing, through no fault of their own, their right to live, work, and remain with their families here in the United States. This is contrary to the spirit of the Bible and of our country, and a turning away from the ideals upon which our beloved country was founded.

“Today in the Catholic Church we celebrate the Feast Day of a woman who was such a familiar and welcome visitor to this City — Mother Teresa, now Saint Teresa of Calcutta. Saint Teresa lived out her missionary activity motivated by one simple fact: we are all children of God, made in His image and likeness, which gives everyone — rich or poor, sick or healthy, Black, White, Latino or Asian, immigrant or native born — an inalienable dignity that no person or government can ever take away. All of the ‘Dreamers’ who now face such uncertainty and fear, please know that the Catholic Church loves you, welcomes you, and will fight to protect your rights and your dignity.

“If there is a positive element to today’s announcement, it is that there is now time for Congress to act, to pass humane legislation that will make the provisions of DACA law, provide a way for these men, women, and children, who are very much a part of the fabric of our country, our neighbors, co-workers, fellow parishioners, and friends, to continue their lives as productive and valued members of our country. We must always remember, as Jesus told us, that laws were made to serve people, people were not made to serve laws.”

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