Photo of the New York Daily News print edition.

THIS column is not against New York Consul General Tess Dizon-De Vega.

We are aware how hardworking and efficient this public official is.

Nor this article has something to do with my Thanksgiving greeting that was “dedma.”



(It is unusual for Con Gen Tess not to respond even to personal texts. I have been in a state of wonder, probably, like Filipino public officials abroad waiting for clarification from the home office about a weird statement which comes out occasionally from the mouth of the Philippine president.)

What we will write is about her work environment that prompted her to send (did she write it or was it pushed on her?) a strongly-worded letter to the editor of the 98-year-old New York Daily News recently.

(The Daily News is the ninth-most circulated daily newspaper in the U.S.)

To me, the well-intended letter of the Consul General turned out to be an embarrassing one to her and the country she represents.

Why did I say that?


Around the ASEAN meeting weekends in Vietnam and Manila, it was reported in the media that President Duterte told a Filipino audience in Vietnam that at age 16, he was already a killer.

He reportedly said he killed with a knife a fellow teenager in a rumble.

The press around the world, already familiar with his notoriety concerning Davao Death Squad when he was mayor of Davao City and extrajudicial killings or summary executions of thousands of suspected drug traffickers and users in the Philippines, picked up the admission of Mr. Duterte.

Independent newspaper of England published on its front page a photo of U.S. President Trump with President Duterte and other leaders doing the ASEAN leaders’ cross handshake.

From the Daily News print edition.

The newspaper headlined the picture with “Hand in hand with a killer.”

The New York Daily News, apparently (I did not see the photo), published a picture of President Trump offering a toast to President Duterte during the ASEAN dinner in Manila.

The photo was captioned: “Here’s to my fave murderer.”

So, our good Con Gen De Vega sent a letter to the editor of the Daily News with her name and official position on it.

The newspaper titled her letter: “Respect the president.”

The strongly-worded letter accused the Pulitzer Prize winning newspaper of being “irresponsible” and “malicious.”

The Con Gen’s letter said in part, “Characterizing a democratically-elected head of state and government in this manner is the height of journalistic irresponsibility and malice.”

The letter likewise said, “The labels attached to the presidency by some media establishments such as yours betray a sad lack of journalistic standards and understanding of the political context of the Philippines.”

(There was no explanation in the letter of what the “political context of the Philippines” was.)

The letter was signed: Ma. Teresa Dizon De Vega, Consul General, Philippine Consulate, New York.

Read this!

In the next column to the right of Con Gen De Vega’s letter was a colored picture of President Duterte with red background and a heading which said: “Filipino president Rodrigo Duterte announces he killed a person.”

(This was reportedly told by President Duterte to Filipinos in Vietnam during his speech the day before.)

Sadly enough, even to an ordinary reader, the Duterte photo and title put to rest the entire letter of Con Gen De Vega.

How can one respect a president who admitted that he killed a person?

This is not to mention the international condemnations against the Duterte Administration’s brutal anti-drug campaign which has killed thousands of poor suspected drug users and traffickers.

And also, the dreaded Davao Death Squad associated to Mr. Duterte while he was mayor of Davao City for 24 years.

Sometimes, it is better to just keep quiet because one never knows what comes out of the mouth of this president.


Deeply unpopular...

“Deeply unpopular Congress aims to pass deeply unpopular bill for deeply unpopular president to sign.”

Above was headline of a story in The Washington Post on Nov. 27 about the Republican’s Tax Bill.

Deeply was used three times.

Must be very deep, indeed.


My Thoughts on Revolutionary Government

If there is no actual revolution nor upheaval, revolutionary government is a fake government.

It will be illegal and violation of the nation’s constitution.


If a leader is already prone to violence and summary killings, in all likelihood, there will be more violence and killings when a revolutionary government is adopted.


The more a country’s Constitution gets amended, the weaker the institutions of government become.


As we see it, what they need in the Philippines is revolution of the mind, not revolutionary government.



I greet my son Adrian and his Fil-Swiss-American wife Natasha a Happy Wedding Anniversary.

May the Lord continue blessing their married life while they continue to put God in the center of their life.

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