Dr. Trish Uy, a new physician from UP medical school and a niece of the author, owns the Facebook account cover page. She is the author’s newest FB friend.

IT’S been a while since I last wrote about Facebook (FB).

Since, then, Facebook has become part of life to many of us.

Let’s face it.

Many cannot let each day pass without accessing our FB; waiting for what our friends posted and what their comments were to our posts.


I have now more than 700 dear FB friends.

Like many among us, FB habits (or FB addicts, but I don’t want to use that last term, for fear of being tokhang [slang] to fall victim to extrajudicial killing; to die by summary execution), I have established a number of smaller communities within my larger FB community.

I have my high school classmates group, my extended family members, my fellow Couples for Christ, my former co-workers in Manila, my friends in real life and my new friends since Facebook started.

I don’t know if I should count the 29 former FB friends that I blocked.

I guess, I have been blocked, too.

After I blocked them, not before, except one.


Through the years, I observed that the favorite posts are in the following order of preference: foods; community parties; vacations & travels; newly-born babies; religious events; and personal/family activities.

The regularly most liked among my friends are: John Alberto, Kirby Asunto, Glenn V. Castillo and Amira Allah.

I can recall when FB was at its infancy, Paul M. Verzosa and I created as many Facebook accounts we could think of, both of us as administrators.

I could recall we stayed until very late at night thinking of how we would title each FB account and writing purpose for each.

Some of those mostly Filipino-related accounts that became populated and popular are: Mabuhay Club International; Jersey City Residents Forum; Catholic Churches and Shrines (Worldwide); and Come To My Philippines.

Two recently-created FB’s that are being populated are Ganda Pinays and Super Pinoys.

Some accounts that used to be popular but seem to have outlived their usefulness but could be made popular again are: Pulongbayan sa New Jersey; Global Mabuhay Circle; and Jersey City Mabuhay Circle.

I think we created too many that we could not maintain them adequately.

Facebook is now an active part of what we call social media.

It is a group of online communication options that allow users to participate, offer feedback, receive information and share ideas.

Twitter is another part of social media.

We all know who is the most prominent user of Twitter, almost daily, President Trump.

The Filipino Reporter has a website at and Filipino Reporter Facebook.

To all our readers and dear FB friends, MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Maintain those “likes.”




This item is sad.


Four men in two motorcycles ambushed Fr. Marcelito “Tito” Paez at about 8 p.m. on Dec. 5 while he was driving his vehicle in Jaen, Nueva Ecija.

The Philippine National Police assured the public on Dec. 5 they would work 24/7 (24 hrs, 7 days a week) to solve the crime.

This is day 10 since the crime took place.

No news yet from the PNP.

Mukhang nahihirapan silang hanapin ang apat na salarin.

(Sa Manila, may nahuli na ba ang PNP sa mga motorcycle killers buhat noong June 2016? Wala pa yata kahit isa, di ba?)

Dead body of Fr. Paez being moved by police from a hospital to a morgue in Nueva Ecija.

Fr. Paez, 72, has served the Nueva Ecija diocese for more than 30 years since its erection in 1984.

He retired from priestly ministry in 2015.

In his service to the Church, he was known for his active involvement in social justice advocacy, particularly on human rights issues affecting the poor.

Marahil, kaya pinatay?


I’d like to greet my friend, Paul Verzosa, Happy Birthday!

To Roger and Josie Santos, Happy Anniversary!

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