Now on its 20th year, it’s Fiesta in America again in Secaucus, N.J. on Aug. 11-12, 2018.

Lifting from its website, “since 1998, Fiesta in America has served as the galvanizing force for Filipinos in the tri-state area to connect, promote and preserve Filipino culture and enterprise through its annual trade and cultural show in Secaucus, N.J.

“The two-day event gives Filipinos in the northeast and even those from the Philippines a platform that helps them get the recognition and support they need from Fiesta in America and the Filipino community.”

So, come on down to Secaucus, N.J. on Aug. 11-12!



New Consul General Claro Cristobal.  (Photo by Lambert Parong)

Welcome to New York, Con Gen Claro “Boy” Cristobal

Esmyrna Encarnacion, Paul Ipanag, Viray De Leyon Victoria and I, as well as your other former colleagues and co-workers in the Philippine coconut industry now living in the U.S., welcome and send you our warm greetings, Con Gen Claro “Boy” Cristobal.

All the best in your term.

We are proud of you.



Atty. Victor Sison and wife Irene in cowboy costume last Saturday.

Atty. Vic Sison hits a home run on his 75th

It appears from all the postings that the 75th Cowboy Birthday Party of my esteemed Atty. Victor Sison last weekend was one of the jolliest and most attended (370 “cowboys and cowgirls” showed up, according to the celebrant) birthday parties in our local community.

Those of you who are Facebook aficionados must have seen the numerous pictures and selfies taken at the party held Sunday at the Hilton in Newark, N.J.

All that transpired was for a good cause.

Atty. Sison raised funds for the seminary in Vigan City where he studied at one time and became Dean of Studies.

At the same time, his guests had a great time!

God bless, Atty. Sison and family.


Mocha Uson to give lecture to Filipinos

Apparently, Pres. Duterte is sensing that the Filipinos will not approve the Constitutional shift to federalism.

So, it was reported in the Inquirer that Mr. Duterte has picked Mocha Uson, the former bold dancer turned Assistant Secretary in the Presidential Communications Office, to lecture Filipinos on the subject of federalism.

Was it this lady who mistakenly said that Mayon Volcano was in Naga City?

Will she become the excuse or scapegoat of Duterte in the event federalism is not approved by Filipinos?


Filipino professors and academe persons speak up

Some 250 Filipino professors and academicians issued a collective statement just as I was concluding this column.

The group of educators said, in part, that the conditions obtaining in the Philippines today are not conducive to constitutional change.

Everyday, more and more Filipinos seem to reject the planned Constitutional amendments or replacement.

Well, because the people could smell something selfish in the plans.

Any constitutional amendment is bad when term extension of incumbents is included.


We just returned from vacation in the West Coast, specifically northern California.

In the event you will spend your vacation in that part of the Golden State, I would suggest that you visit the following: Sequoia National Park, Yosemite National Park, Sacramento State Capitol (including Old Sacramento), Lake Tahoe, CA Academy of the Sciences in San Francisco, Napa Valley.

Two of the 21 Catholic Missions in CA are also in the area.

Those are San Juan Bautista and Mt. Carmel.

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