Indian soldiers on horseback.

The Philippine military remains a professional institution of government that owes loyalty to the Constitution and not to one man.

In fact, the moment the PH military withdraws its support for a sitting president, that president is finished.

When Pres. Duterte was toying with a revolutionary government last year, he was warned that the military will withdraw its support if he does it and will support the Vice President instead.

So, Duterte stopped talking about revolutionary gov’t.

There are Duterte officials involved in the Trillanes incident that the military is believed to be eyeing at with disapproval and dislike.

One is apparently on the way out.

Another one seems to be next.

Duterte is now a weakened president.

Maybe, time for him to consider stepping down.

Perhaps, the same military should turn its eyes on Gloria Arroyo if it is true that she has authored a draft resolution in PH Congress virtually abolishing the constitutional position of vice president by giving its principal function to the Senate president, assuming federalism, which is unpopular, gets approved and implemented.

We see that plan as a “dog bone” Arroyo & company will dangle for the Senate to grab and approve.

But, it appears the dubious strategy might not work.

That move’s mastermind is obviously President Duterte who is evidently willing to violate the Constitution just so VP Leni Robredo, leader of the opposition, cannot assume the presidency in case he is ousted or steps down or dies.

*PNP excluded


It is my observation that it is not only insecurity, but lack of adequate knowledge about the law that makes Mr. Duterte publicly question the qualifications and abilities of Vice President Leni Robredo in the event the Constitutional provision on succession is implemented.

If it is political strategy, it is a very shallow strategy.

When the Filipino people voted for Robredo as vice president over the other VP candidates in 2016, it was, in effect, a collective judgment of confidence that VP Leni would be a good and effective president in the event she becomes one by succession.


Considering the pattern of supposed stories the Filipino people had been told about the health of Pres. Duterte in the past two years and his oft-repeated supposed “resignation if,” we’d like to think that the latest hospital version is aimed at either:

1) to divert attention from the disturbing state of affairs in the Philippines, like the continuing inflation, crimes and killings, corruption, demands for him to resign, dictatorship, etc.;

2) to minimize or control criticisms and unpleasant stories against Duterte and his administration and hoping to be pitied instead.

3) to set the stage for a “graceful exit” from his post; and/or

4) to send the message that in the event he is tried and found guilty of crimes against humanity by ICC, he won’t be able to stand life in prison because of his “sickness.”

If the latest hospital story is true and not a lie, does it have something to do with his “God is stupid” remark?

I think it will take sometime before the Filipino people would learn the truth about the health of Mr. Duterte.

Instead of a medical bulletin from medical doctors, it is Mr. Duterte himself who makes the announcements about his health.

Weird, isn’t it?


Cito Beltran, the Manila columnist, wrote a virtual “postmortem” of Mr. Duterte’s presidency titled “The Fall of Duterte.”

It was thorough and accurate.

He said that the destabilizers of the Duterte government are right in his immediate surroundings.

In effect, the author is saying that those who destabilize the Duterte Administration are those people around him who misuse the law and disrespect the sanctity of the PH Constitution to further, not public interest, but personal political interests.

Then, Beltran cited concrete examples, the latest of which was the Trillanes case.

The ouster of former Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno was also mentioned.

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