President Rodrigo R. Duterte.  (Philippine Daily Inquirer photo)

WE write this editorial in the spirit of lightness, like in a morning.

We note that the newly-sworn Philippine President Rodrigo R. Duterte has been showing signs of relaxation and restfulness (after all, he spent the July 4th weekend in his cocoon in Davao City).

He agreed to throw the first jump ball at the Gilas Philippines-France basketball game in Manila which, unfortunately, the PH team lost.

That’s okay.

The loss excuse is valid.

The French team’s average height is 6’ 7.”

The Filipinos’, 6’ 5.”

Two inches could mean a lot.

Even his body movements before and after throwing the ball show signs of restfulness.

Hopefully, this new President will soon, appreciate, that Malacañang Palace offers convenience and comfort not present in his Davao abode.

Let’s go to our point.

We observe that a new ism or doctrine is dawning in the native country.

We will call it “Duterteism.”

It is a body of socio-political beliefs which has been continually emanating from the new Philippine President.

Those beliefs could be explained through the following:

1. Crimes, drugs and corrupt officials to end in six months.

2. Multi-family. (First family, Second family, etc.)

3. I’ll kill you.

4. PTI ninyo! (abbreviation of a familiar curse in Tagalog)

5. This will be your last “Merry Christmas.”

6. Mag-resign na kayo!

7. No cabinet post. Meron pala.

8. Medal plus cash to killer of drug lord.

9. Ilibing si Marcos na bayani.

10. Condom at contraceptives for birth control.

11. Hanggang tatlo lang ang anak.

12. Maong & Barong.

“Duterteism” will continue to evolve as a system of governance.

It is too early to tell whether this new doctrine will be allowed to flourish or whether it will succeed and get accepted by society.

Meanwhile, we call on the 4 million Filipino-Americans, and millions more in over 100 countries, a large number of whom comprise the middle class sector of Philippine society.

They have a big stake in the new administration of President Duterte.

Support his good deeds.

But, don’t fail to criticize what you believe are not good.

Constructive criticism of public officials is good democracy.

Altogether, let’s hope this President succeeds in all his intentions and plans without going against the laws of men and the laws of God.

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