Filipino-American elected councilmen in New Jersey.

IT won’t be long, Jersey City’ans will decide whether their next local elections will be held in May 2017 or November 2017.

Either way, Filipinos in that city have high stakes.

One of their own have expressed intention to join the race for mayor if the incumbent will not run for re-election.

New Jersey Filipinos have fellow Filipinos whom they could be proud of.

Among them are elected Councilmen Rolando A. Lavarro, Jr. (Jersey City); Arvin Amatorio, Esq. (Bergenfield); Jonathan Wong (Mahwah); Peter Mendonez, Jr. (West Windsor).

Lawyer, former municipal judge and community leader Victor Sison, Esq.; former Bergenfield Mayor Robert C. Rivas; Jersey City’s first Filipino City Commissioner Domingo Jun Hornilla; Jersey City’s Tax Assessor Ed Tolosa.

Former Hollywood and Broadway actress Marya Coburn; multi-awarded photojournalists Reena Rose Sibayan (The Jersey Journal) and Rene Ner (ret., formerly of Filipino Reporter).

The biggest service that Jersey City Council President Rolando Lavarro, Jr. did to Jersey City Filipinos was to plant pride among Pinoys in the entire city for having a kababayan, who was elected by his peers in City Hall, to lead them and preside over the legislative affairs of the city.

For the last five years, Lavarro has been doing his job with class.

He leads the Council with efficiency, honesty, creativity and positive results.

In all those years, there had been no problem between the office of the Mayor and the Council.

The annual budget passes in timely manner.

Last week, as if a wedding gift to Mayor Steven Fulop who got married over the weekend, Lavarro and his colleagues approved the year’s $550 million budget smoothly.

“As City Council President, Rolando has made us proud citizens of our beloved city, and that’s the biggest and unequalled service he has done to Filipinos,” said Domingo Jun Hornilla.

“We are behind Councilman Rolando all the way,” quipped one Pinoy millennial that FR talked to.

This early, the Filipino Reporter has learned there are already attempts to divide Filipinos in that city.

Pinoys in Jersey City should learn from their own past experience.

That divide and conquer is the easiest way to lose the opportunity to have one of their own lead their City Hall.


Jersey City, N.J. Council President Rolando A. Lavarro, Jr. with  Archbishop Bernardito Auza.

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