Mahwah Township, N.J. Councilman Jonathan Wong reading the latest copy of the Filipino Reporter at the Fiesta in America in Secaucus, N.J. on Aug. 13. Wong, 24, is running for mayor of Mahwah.  (Filipino Reporter photo)

THE Filipino Reporter took advantage of last weekend’s Fiesta in America in Secaucus, N.J. where Filipino-Americans from all over the country converged during this two-day annual event.

We thought this was a good place to talk to kababayans and to gather opinions and observations about issues that concern them today in this country.

Our conversations centered on the forthcoming American elections.

Here are some of the comments we gathered:

•A 20-something-year-old Fil-Am woman from Jersey City, N.J.:

“Donald Trump is a racist. He has no clue whatsoever on how to run a country. The Filipino Reporter’s headline just puts a stamp on why I am voting for Hillary Clinton.”

(FR’s headline last week was: “Fil-Ams angry at Trump’s statement on Philippines.”)

•Fil-Am Brian (30-something) from Queens, N.Y.: “Although Donald Trump’s comments on the Philippines were harsh, I will still vote for him. He tells it like it is. It’s time for a change from the Clinton-Obama era.”

•Fil-Am teenager from Maryland: “Donald Trump is a bully. How dare him say such a thing about the Philippines. And his other issues are just plain nonsense (i.e., building a wall).”

•Fil-Am Cynthia (20-ish) from Jersey City, N.J.: “I was shocked to hear and read about Donald Trump’s stand on the Philippines. He has no basis for making those comments about our homeland. I am absolutely furious at him and will support and vote for Hillary Clinton.”

We are sharing two more commentaries we received in Facebook.

Paul Verzosa, a known Fil-Am Republican in New Jersey, commented FR misrepresented Donald Trump in our headline story last week.

We told Mr. Verzosa it was Donald Trump who made a malicious and gross misrepresentation of the Filipinos and the Philippines when he referred to them as “animals” and as “terrorists” in his speech in Portland, Maine.

A fine lady whom Cristina DC Pastor and our Manny Caballero both love, Tita Consuelo Almonte, accused the media of literally quoting Mr. Trump, instead of looking at his words from a wider context.

We told Tita Connie we were not spin doctors.

We reported what we heard.

We also reminded her that even in constitutional reading, literal interpretation is advised.

Or in Biblical reading, unless the verse is in parable and the like, the verse should be literally interpreted.

But, we still love Tita Connie, as Cristina would say.

We find the above conversations healthy and useful.

We encourage our readers to continue conversing with us.


The Filipino Reporter booth at the Fiesta In America in Secaucus, N.J. last weekend. Thousands attended the annual two-day event.

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