President Barack Obama in a file photo.

IF, indeed, the U.S. dislikes him as President Rodrigo Duterte wittingly or unwittingly claims, it is his own making.

We are not “bulag sa pagibig” (blinded by love) sa Americans.

But, wasn’t it, it was President Barack Obama who was one of the first heads of state to call on Mr. Duterte days after the elections to congratulate him?

It was much later, after he foul-mouthed the American Ambassador to the Philippines and after the extrajudicial killings in Manila were already being noticed abroad, that the U.S. State Department issued a statement.

The formal statement from the U.S. Government was released after the Philippines Charge D’Affaires in Washington, D.C. was summoned to the State Department.

Then, before departing for Laos on Sept. 5, without provocation, Mr. Duterte cursed President Obama and even rudely warned not to lecture him on human rights during their scheduled meeting on Sept. 6 in Laos.

It was both weird and weird, that a former 24-year mayor in a Mindanao province without any experience in global diplomacy would curse the President of the mightiest country in the planet.

(We will explain why below.)

The White House, within hours, unilaterally cancelled the meeting between the two leaders.

We saw it as an embarrassing but modest rebuke against Mr. Duterte.

According to a news report which emanated from the U.S. State Department, President Obama would have offered help to Mr. Duterte in his anti-drugs campaign during the aborted meeting.

And that the U.S. President would have reminded the Philippine President to carry out his tough campaign “the right way.”

Last Monday, President Duterte continued his unprovoked rants and told President Obama “to go to hell” and that he would not kneel before the U.S. President.

While Mr. Duterte seems to be laying the ground work for a radical and unnecessary shift in Philippine foreign relations, he has been releasing remarks of appeasements to China and pro-Russia statements.

Duterte a Communist ideologue

It is now clear, from our observations, that the Philippine President is a Communist ideologue.

He is guided by the outdated national democratic sentiments of the 70s, Marxism-Leninism-Mao Tse Tung (MTT) Thought, dominated by anti-Americanism.

If our observations are correct, and we believe they are, he hid this from the Filipinos during the electoral campaign.

He knows a great majority of the Filipino people are pro-America.

That is tantamount to lying to his own people.

History has left Mr. Duterte’s ideology behind.

It did not work.

China virtually abandoned MTT in favor of free enterprise, at least in some major cities like Shanghai and Hong Kong.

The Russian Soviet Republics had broken down into democratic nations.

But for lack of exposure to the new globalized world and, perhaps, for having rested his eyes and mind since he last read his law books, he seems to be reviving his stock of old communist beliefs.

All along, Mr. Duterte is trying to make it appear it was the United States that started his self-induced feeling of being disliked by America.

What a classic example of a smart aleck.

At the rate this President is behaving and talking, if he does not change course, he might get hit by something he least expects.

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