IF the elections were held today, we think Hillary Clinton (pictured above in an AP photo) would win.

But, as the baseball legend Yogi Berra said, “It ain’t over till it’s over.”

Barring any significant event against Mrs. Clinton that will really change the minds of American voters, similar to the exposed Donald Trump indecent videotape against women, it seems, the next president of the United States, as we predicted last year, will be a woman.

A first in the history of this country.

It is around this time, prior to an election, when a trend or pattern or movement begins.

The trend is moving towards victory for the Clinton camp.

The movement started last week.

Various forecasting groups are leaning towards Clinton.

Top Trump supporters from the Republican Party are moving away.

A news report revealed that 96% of 480 journalists gave political contributions to Clinton.

Can we blame them?

Journalists are citizens, too.

College students who used to support Sen. Bernie Sanders are now with the Clinton camp.   

As these developments take place, The Donald himself and his crucial middle America supporters are losing their cool.

There had been violence and threats of violence coming from the Trump campaign.

Gabriel Schoenfeld of the New York Daily News compiled the following incidents coming from the Trump camp last week:

In Milwaukee, a sheriff Trump follower called for insurrection with his Tweet.

In North Carolina, at a Trump rally, a Gays for Trump member viciously beat a protester.

The Boston Globe reported that Trump supporters in some New England towns were openly talking about violent rebellion and assassination.

As his numbers in the surveys started to go down, and with the prospect of defeat staring at him, Mr. Trump has been whipping his supporters with claims that the elections will be rigged.

Perhaps, one reason why these are happening is because the Americans are limited to only two candidates, unlike in the Philippines where there were five presidential candidates in the last elections.

Is it time to revisit the American Constitution to consider multi-party system?

Under the two-party system, “the relentless political bashing destroys not only the opposing political party but it backfires and also destroys the attacking political party as well. In fact, it destroys the entire system. So these blistering attacks for short-term gain are extremely irresponsible and downright dangerous.”

In addition, Americans will have more choices on Election Day under a multi-party system.