Ms. Loida Nicolas Lewis (left) with Fil-Am Amira Allahh during a demonstration by Filipinos in New York/New Jersey against China organized by Ms. Lewis’ group last year.

Last week, the growing problems faced by the Duterte Administration were temporarily centered in New York.

At around the same time, the front line person of the Duterte Administration in New York, Consul General Ma. Theresa Dizon-de Vega, arrived in her new post on Fifth Avenue.

Then, the much-vaunted phone conversation between President Rodrigo Duterte and President-elect Donald J. Trump who was in his Trump Tower in Manhattan took place.

The story about the supposed pleasant presidential telephone conversation came from the Duterte camp.

The Trump people did not release any story about it.

The phone conversation was followed by a story about wealthy Filipina-American from New York City, Loida Nicolas Lewis, who, many regard as mother of Filipinos in America for her patriotic activities for and on behalf of Philippine interests.

She asked President Duterte to resign his position for failure to eliminate drugs, corruption and criminality in six months as promised during the election campaign last May.

“So his promise I will resign in six months if the drug epidemic is not solved, he should be true to that promise at least, no extension, resign now President Duterte,” she said.

Ms. Lewis said she has now joined the call for Duterte’s resignation after Vice President Leni Robredo was allegedly eased out of the President’s cabinet.

About two months ago, President Duterte, no less, accused Ms. Lewis of being allegedly behind a movement in New York aimed to oust him from power in January 2017.

We thought the presidential accusation was ridiculous.

It was baseless and unfounded.

A day after Ms. Lewis demanded the resignation of President Duterte, the most influential and most respected newspaper in the world, The New York Times, featured the barbarism and cruelty of the Philippine presidents extrajudicial killings now reportedly in the thousands, in three full pages which started from Page 1.

The heading was They are slaughtering us like animals.

The NYT photojournalist who stayed in Manila for 35 days covering and validating this story remarked in part, ...What I experienced in the Philippines felt like a new level of ruthlessness...

All of a sudden, Secretary Jesus Dureza, Mr. Duterte’s peace negotiator, showed up in New York unannounced in the same week, just like the principal interpreter of the Duterte word mishaps last September.

Sometimes, we would like to think that these people are merely going to New York because New York is New York.

In one word, junket.

On top of all the above, there is a weekly Facebook live program which, originates from New York called “I’m Pinoy, Proud Ako!”  

This program serves as the voice, defender and interpreter of the Duterte Administration from the U.S.

The program caters to masses of Pinoy Overseas Foreign Workers.


Presidential Adviser on the Peace Process Secretary Jesus Dureza (center) at a Luncheon Forum with members of the Fil-Am media at the Philippine Center in New York on Dec. 9, 2016.  (Photo by NYPCG)

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