Jersey City Mayor Steve Fulop delivers his State of the City Address.

This year being an election year for local officials in Jersey City, where close to 20,000 Filipinos live and whose Council President, Chief Municipal Judge and City Assessor are all Filipino-Americans, its Mayor, Steve Fulop, did a smart decision which could be beneficial to his reelection efforts in the coming months and to his constituents.

Mayor Fulop has decided to deliver his 2017 State of the City Address in each of the five wards or boroughs of Jersey City.

Last Monday night, he gave an inspiring and encouraging speech to the citizens of Ward A (Greenville).

Greenville used to be a separate city and regarded as a suburb of Jersey City (JC) up to the end of 19th Century.

Greenville is also the ward where Fil-Am Jersey City Council President Rolando Lavarro, Jr. resides.

Had Mayor Fulop decided to run for governor, Councilman Lavarro would have run for city mayor.

This direct-to-the-people style of Mr. Fulop is reminiscent of Plato’s Republic, an influential work in political theory.

Plato, as he was pondering on the beginnings of democracy, introduced the ideal city, or polis, based on justice and human virtue.

It was also known as city-state, ruled by a philosopher king, which was regarded by St. Augustine as paradigm (model).


Jersey City Council President Rolando Lavarro, Jr. and Mayor Steve Fulop.

When confronted by an issue, the philosopher-king would go directly to the people.

“The state of the City is as strong as ever,” Mayor Fulop assured his constituents as he began his address.

Speaking like a philosopher-king for almost 60 minutes, Mayor Fulop first laid down his approach to building One Jersey City.

There had been observations since the Downtown section was developed, that there are two cities within Jersey City, the new and the old.

This perception is what Mayor Fulop wants to change by aiming for “One Jersey City.”

He revealed the development plans for Ward A and the West Side of JC, as well as the programs for the whole city.

The mayor wants to rebuild the neighborhoods that had been long-neglected by past administrations.

He also announced he would concentrate on the developments in the areas of economy, technology, education, environment (parks) and security (peace and order).

Being the most diverse city in the U.S., noteworthy in the speech was what the mayor said that more than 70 percent of the city’s new police recruits were minorities.

We wish Mayor Fulop and his fellow public servants in City Hall to continue being the best.


Filipino Reporter Editorial/News Editor Manny Caballero and Mayor Steve Fulop after the latter’s speech.

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