Defending President Rodrigo Duterte’s record in human rights at the United Nations in Geneva during the periodic human rights review of member countries on May 8, Sen. Alan Peter Cayetano, among others, boasted there were no such things as “extrajudicial killings” (EJK) in the Philippines.

He said, in part, before the member-countries: “There are no state-sponsored killings in PH. There is no sudden wave of killings.”

That, we will refer to as alternative speech.

In other word, false or fake.

After the senator’s talk, more than 35 delegates commented on the speech on behalf of their respective countries.

All but one (China), did not go along with the “invented” claims of Mr. Cayetano about the supposed non-existence of extrajudicial killings under the anti-drug campaign of President Duterte.

He also claimed that Philippine media supposedly reported fake stories on EJK and the foreign press picked them up.

The comments and recommendations ignored the false claims because the delegates were not dumb.

As representatives of their respective countries, they were perceptive people who could dichotomize facts from propaganda.

Instead, among the recommendations were: thorough investigation of EJK in PH, stop EJK, prioritize government projects to place poverty and education on top, not to pass death penalty law, build rehabilitation centers for drug addicts, respect for the rule of law and the like.

We will share two comments (all comments are available at Rappler.com):

Czech Republic acknowledges PH efforts and accomplishments in narrowing gender gaps; recommends investigations on EJKs.

Denmark expresses concern on impunity and human rights violations; commends PH efforts in improving standard of living.
The effort, therefore, of the Duterte Administration to convince the world that the dead bodies of poor Filipinos they saw on the pages of The New York Times and on television (now reportedly over 8,000) were not violations of human rights and were merely based on fake stories by media, failed.

As one Filipino bar topnotcher commented, “UN in Geneva did not believe the lies of the Duterte delegation led by Cayetano, et al.”

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