Battle of Quingua (Plaridel, Bulacan) at the beginning of the Philippine-American War in 1899.

LIKE other nations, the Philippines and the Filipino people have a long history of fighting wars on different levels, on different eras.

For 377 years, Filipinos fought its colonizers for independence and self-dignity.

Finally, in 1898, after a bloody but victorious revolution, which cost the lives of true Filipino heroes, the first Constitution was written and put into effect by a duly constituted Philippine Government.

The 1898 Independence, however, did not last long.

America came after Spain ceded the Philippines to the United States under the Treaty of Paris, despite the Philippines’ independent status.

The Treaty ended the Spanish-American War, but the started Philippine-American War (1899-1902).

The Americans stayed for 50 years.

There were pockets of revolt all along.

Thus, a historian noted “the Filipinos lived in a Catholic convent for 350 years and in Hollywood for 50 years.”

The Japanese came during World War II.

Filipinos, again tried to resist.


Filipinas living in Albany, N.Y. wearing the national costume for Filipino women.

For five years, the cruelty of the Japanese soldiers, like the infamous Death March, reigned over the islands.

On July 4, 1946, independence won in 1898 was restored to the Filipinos by Americans.

There is an inaccurate historical interpretation that the U.S. granted Philippine Independence in 1946.

It was a restoration, not a grant, according to respected historian Teodoro Agoncillo.

Moving onwards, the Filipinos, yearning for freedom and democracy, were stunted when Marcos declared martial rule and created a political vacuum under his dictatorship for two decades.

In 1986, Filipinos finally stood up, and won a People Power Revolution that drove out the Marcoses.

When the Cory Aquino government took over in 1986, a group of lawyers had to be sent to Washington, D.C. to study a crash course in establishing and running a democratic government.

Under the present Duterte era, which has become notorious the world over for its apparent disregard for human rights and rule of law, Filipinos are polarized, even as foreign-inspired terrorists are trying to establish footholds in Muslim populated areas of Mindanao.

The World Bank’s forecast of the Philippine economy was positive as of April 2017.

The Bank said: the Philippine economy remained resilient to global headwinds in 2016; the rapidly growing domestic economy has yielded substantial gains in employment and poverty reduction; and the Philippines’ growth outlook remains positive but subject to downside risks.

We share the sentiments of Filipinos as they observe Independence Day on June 12.

God bless the Republic of the Philippines.


Ati-Atihan of Aklan.  (All New York parade photos by MANNY CABALLERO)


MassKara of Bacolod.


Sinulog of Cebu.


Fil-Am singer Shane Ericks.


Filipino Reporter’s Associate Publisher Dr. Linda Pelayo and members of Friends Indeed USA, Inc.


Consul General Ma. Theresa Dizon-de Vega and Staff.


Miss Philippines-USA.


Grand Marshals Drs. Rod and Elma Castillo.


Filipino Bikers led by Loren San Diego.

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