IN the past 11 months, we have read and heard a number of comparative articles and commentaries about Presidents Donald Trump and Rodrigo Duterte having similar mental states and character traits.

During the same period, the two leaders confirmed some of the observations about them.

One such observation is pugnacity.

The other is use of words that tend to self-destruct.

The two want to be branded as populists and “anti-establishment” politicians.

But, their ways seem to be worse than the traditional ones.

President Duterte presided over the extrajudicial killings (EJK) of over 8,000 suspected drug addicts, which triggered worldwide condemnation, especially from human rights groups.

A Filipino member of PH Congress initiated an impeachment proceedings but, due to overwhelming majority of the President’s allies, it did not prosper.

A case has been filed by a Filipino lawyer before the International Criminal Court against Mr. Duterte for EJKs that happened in the first 11 months of his presidency.

Reacting to an invitation by the American president for Mr. Duterte to visit the U.S., 12 American senators wrote a letter questioning the invite and urged President Trump to reconsider his decision.


This year’s state visit of President Trump to England, on the other hand, has been indefinitely postponed until after the British people has developed a favorable attitude towards the incumbent American president.

Earlier this year, the Parliament of England passed a resolution not to allow President Trump to visit that country.

President Trump’s two executive orders banning travel to the U.S. from certain Middle East countries had been reversed by the courts.

Currently, Mr. Trump is said to be under investigation by a Special Counsel for possible obstruction of justice and for possible involvement in a supposed Republican Party collusion with the Russians during the 1986 elections.

Talks of a possible Trump impeachment are getting louder around America.

Both leaders are critical of media people in their respective countries who criticize them.

Though President Trump is said to be healthy, President Duterte is rumored to be suffering from certain ailments that cause him, at times, to disappear from the public eye.

All of the above undoubtedly contribute to the weakening of the two leaders’ presidencies.

Weakened presidency is most unfortunate in these problematic times when strong leadership is needed.

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