(Reprinted from the Filipino Reporter’s 40th anniversary issue by Bert Pelayo.)

A cross-section of the Filipino-American communities in the tri-state area and other states came together under one roof last week in celebration of the 40th anniversary of the Filipino Reporter at the Astoria World Manor in New York.

For one shining moment, we saw a community united, animated, inspired and engaged in social and fraternal relationship.

Friends and foes even shared a table, striking up a conversation unrelated to what separates one from another, for whatever reason that may have engendered a distance between them.

Hatchets were buried and cast aside; we don’t know for how long, but new beginnings were made, and friendships were probably restored.

That is as it should be.

For now, however, true unity continues to be an elusive quest.

We at the Filipino Reporter strive to be a synthesizer of conflicting alliances and interests.

It’s not an easy task.

For far too long, division stands in the way of cohesion; and without a rallying cause, we tend to go our separate ways.

What happens is we get mired in selfish pursuits to the detriment of our common goal.

On the cusp of our 41st year of publication, we will aim to enhance our editorial compass, to connect more dots, and write more chapters in the evolving saga of our expatriate community.

A newspaper worth its salt never stops working to make itself better than it had been.

There’s a world out there that needs to be explained, to be explored, for better understanding among the races.

As accolades continue to be heaped on us for this publishing milestone, we resolve to deserve the trust and confidence of our reading public.

As an American poet once wrote, “I have more miles to go before I sleep.”

So do we.

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