A fake story about well-known philanthropist and respected Filipino-American community leader Loida Nicolas Lewis appeared in Facebook a week ago.

The fake news, which was supposedly distributed by a news agency named “Aljazeera News TV” (the authentic Middle East news agency’s name is “Al Jazeera”), stated that Loida Nicolas Lewis received a deportation letter from the U.S. Government and that she confirmed receipt of said letter.

Mrs. Lewis, a New Yorker, is an American citizen who was the first Filipino-American to serve as a trial attorney for the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS).

Thus, some in social media who read the fictitious posting raised eyebrows and laughingly asked, “Where will Loida be deported? Los Angeles?”

We don’t believe the stupidly-composed fakery was “manufactured” in Manila.

But, we won’t be surprised, if indeed, it originated from Manila.

It may be recalled that earlier this year, Martin Andanar, Secretary of the Presidential Communications Office of the Philippines, and President Duterte accused Mrs. Lewis implicitly (or explicitly?) of trying to help the Duterte political enemies to oust Mr. Duterte from office.

A commenter in Facebook wrote, “It was a stupid fake story in the first place. Who else could have manufactured it, but also some stupid people in Manila? Anyway, every fake news is stupid news invented by stupid people possessed with demonic and stupid minds.”

In light of proliferation of fake news, we suggest to our FR readers to be careful and selective in reading stories, especially those posted in the Internet.

If the source is not familiar, weird-sounding and is not the usual news source you see, be watchful.

Some examples of past fake news posted were: the Canadian Prime Minister telling the world to condemn Kim Jong-un and not Duterte; Donald Trump Jr. saying he sometimes felt that Duterte is his president; Lewis apologizing for being wrong about Duterte; UK Prime Minister calling those who want Duterte ousted as “selfish” and “greedy”; Queen Elizabeth II saying the Philippine Government needs support instead of criticisms.

Super LOL!

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