Re-elected Councilman-at-Large Rolando Lavarro, Jr. of Jersey City on election night.

THE convincing victories of two distinguished Filipino-Americans in the Nov. 7 elections have significant meanings.

Jersey City’s Councilman-at-Large and Council President Rolando Lavarro, Jr. and Bergenfield Councilman Arvin Amatorio, both re-electionists, were re-elected in virtual landslide victories.

There is no doubt that Filipino voters in both Jersey City and Bergenfield influenced the outcome of the polls.

But, noteworthy was the fact that both have penetrated the varied groupings in their diverse communities.

There are some 15,000-20,000 Filipinos living in Jersey City.

We will place 60 percent as voters.

Lavarro topped the eight candidates for council-at-large with over 18,000 votes.


Re-elected Councilman Arvin Amatorio of Bergenfield (3rd from right) with Filipino supporters on Election night.

In Bergenfield, there are some 5,000 Filipinos.

Amatorio also topped the four candidates and garnered over 3,400 votes.

These two Filipinos are to be commended for the confidence bestowed on them by their respective communities.

The Filipinos in those two places also deserve kudos for realizing that their united front made their compatriot candidates.

In a post-election statement, Lavarro was reported to have said, “I’m excited. I’m thrilled. I’m very happy...I think it’s an affirmation of the work we’ve done over the past four years and the Jersey City electorate’s desire to continue the progress.”

For his part, Amatorio issued a one-sentence statement, “Thank you Bergenfield for the landslide victory.”

We, at the Filipino Reporter, wish both Councilmen Lavarro and Amatorio the best in their respective new terms.

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