Missiles of China brought to the West Philippine Sea.

Perhaps, at this stage of President Rodrigo Duterte’s politics, he must already be contemplating to step down from the presidency.

If not, he should.

In fact, he has mentioned about resigning a couple of times in the past.

He is already a weakened president.

At this point, we see that it is for the best interest of democracy in his country, himself, his family and his people if he voluntarily cuts now.

Yes, now.

In doing so, he can manifest that he truly loves his country.

The behavior of China in the West Philippine Sea, which Duterte is partly to blame, is very disturbing.

There is a serious crisis of leadership in the native country which is getting worse by the day.

Crises of trust, confidence and truth.

The new tax law is punishing the poor with prices of commodities gone up.

When the president speaks and its citizens don’t listen and don’t believe, but get angry instead because the people do not have respect nor trust for their leader anymore, and are fed up with lies, what is the next step?

This is what’s happening.

When Mr. Duterte publicly announced that Catholic human rights advocate priest, Fr. Ventura, was killed because of an “illicit relationship” with eight different women, social media exploded with curses and angry comments against Duterte from Filipinos that the news item was deleted from ABS-CBN website to avoid further embarrassment.

Twelve hours later, the same news was posted in GMA Network News Web, apparently, after Duterte’s trolls were alerted.

But, still, the same reactions from the citizens came up.

The strongest and foulest words unleashed against their president, who, just a year ago, was idolized by same people.

The comments disappeared by night time.

Since the International Criminal Court announced it was conducting an examination of the reported extrajudicial killings of thousands of suspected drug addicts associated with Duterte’s bloody anti-drug campaign, some of his former ardent supporters in the Senate noticeably began to distance themselves from the president.

Apparently foreseeing a possible big loss for Duterte’s candidates in the 2019 election for senators, the former Senate president relinquished his post to another senator who could be easily swayed.

Duterte’s role in the ouster of former Supreme Court Chief Justice Sereno could be Duterte’s last straw.

Corruption by the tens, if not hundreds of millions of pesos, has caused the resignation of senior officials in the Department of Tourism and the Bureau of Customs.

The above are signs that Duterte is not respected anymore even by his subordinates.

With two enforced military agreements with the U.S., Duterte, acting like a henpecked husband, China was able to install missiles and land heavy bombers in the Philippines backyard, thus, endangering the peace and security of Southeast Asia.

Weird foreign policy.

The Filipino has long patience, but stands up when exploited and fed with consistent lies.

What did Abraham Lincoln say?

“You cannot fool all of the people all the time.”

Reminds us of Hitler and his spokesman Joseph Goebbels, who, both committed suicide because of the people they killed and the lies they peddled and in order to avoid retribution.

Although, we submit the case of Duterte and Roque haven’t reached the level of Hitler and Goebbels.

Not yet.

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