Even if the Democratic Party was able to win majority and, therefore, control of the U.S. House of Representatives and the Republican Party retained control of the Senate, we feel that the ultimate winner in last Tuesday’s U.S. elections was democracy.

Why democracy?

The recent elections confirmed the following:

1) The truth to the democratic dictum that “the voice of the people is the supreme law.”

2) It gave a chance to the American people to rebuke what they saw as divisive, tough, sweeping generalizations that promote baseless fear and anti-immigrants stances of their President.

3) The voters revived the Founding Fathers’ democratic concept of checks and balances between the major institutions of government by electing majority of representatives from the Democratic Party.

4) “Women votes matter. Women overwhelmingly voted Democratic, giving them a 20 percent margin; men favored Republicans by just three points. Married women went for Democrats (55 to 43 percent) as did female independents (57 to 39 percent), white women (50 to 48 percent) and white college-educated women (60 to 38 percent).”

5) Democracy in America is healthy as ever.


The Washington Post, the day after the elections, wrote in its editorial:

“The Democratic victory is also a sign of political health, to the extent it is a form of pushback against the excesses, rhetorical and in terms of policy, committed by the Trump Administration and propounded by President Trump during this fall’s campaign. Turning against the dominant party in Washington even in a moment of economic prosperity, voters from Key West to Kansas refused to accept the continued degradation of their nation’s political culture. Republicans retained control of the Senate, where the map this year favored their defense. But voters nationwide refused Mr. Trump’s invitation to vote on the basis of fear of immigrants; they did not respond to his depiction of his opposition as dangerous enemies.”

The elections demonstrated that Americans disapprove politics of division and fear, as well as, personal destruction (to use the words of winning Sen. Robert “Bob” Menendez of New Jersey).


Congratulations Gov.-elect Andrew Cuomo of New York and Sen.-elect Bob Menendez of New Jersey, as well as all election winners in our area.

Best to all!

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