The Filipino Reporter joins the rest of America in remembering with respect its 41st President, George H. W. Bush.

Dec. 5, 2018 will be remembered as the day when Washington, D.C. and the rest of America paused to remember their late leader regarded as America’s most successful one-term president.

The stock market paused.

The Postal Service paused.

Most important, bitter partisan politics in D.C. paused.

Political leaders from both parties, incumbent and former U.S. presidents and vice presidents, legislators, current and ex-cabinet members and notable citizens gathered at the National Basilica Cathedral to celebrate a great and faithful person.


For two hours, the live television coverage of the late leader’s memorial service reminded Americans of an ideal America and an ideal politician.

A presidential historian hoped that with what they saw and heard, Americans would realize that the politicians they should elect to public office are bitter-free and friendly who would agree to disagree and bear in mind they are Americans first and foremost.

Those who spoke at the memorial service described in simple terms the late George H. W. Bush. Here are some of what were said:

“He was a class act from birth to death.”

“He is a Founding Father of the 20th Century.”

“He aimed for a kinder nation and a gentler world.”

His son, President George W. Bush shared that their Dad taught them dignity, humor and kindness.

Likewise, the former chief executive said their father taught them never to be defined by failure.


A former senator who was a good friend emphasized that loyalty was a premium value practiced throughout life by his friend.

The former Prime Minister of Canada said he knew of no other leader more courageous than President Bush, who was a Navy pilot during World War II whose plane was shot down in the Pacific after a successful mission.

“Welcome to your eternal home,” said a Bishop friend of the deceased leader at the end of his homily.

Good night, Mr. President.





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